I have a sony KP-65WS510 TV when I turn it on it want come on only a green light

I have a sony KP65WS510 it won't come on when I turn it on only a green flashing light that continues to flash until I turn it off the remote does not help it to come on either can you help me?
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  1. Any time you get green or red flashing LED on a sony TV, it means it has had some sort of malfunction, or internal issue. Usually the number of flashes indicate a service code

    You may be able to do a quick and dirty diagnostic with this guide:

    If nothing in this guide helps you, . I would recommend calling sony, or your local sony authorized sony repair shop to get an estimate. Nothing is really going to be user servicable, and unless you have access to the service manuals, and parts, it will probably be cost prohibitive.

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