Gametron plantronics microphone issue

Hello, I am having a problem with my Gamecon Plantronics headset. I've been using it for weeks and it has worked fine. Today, I put it on, and my microphone is extremely low and it won't pick up anything but static, no matter how high I boost the db or outbound on ventrilo.

I saw a similar "solved" case where the guy used his warranty and just sent it in. Is their any other solution that could possibly be done? I'm not convinced that it's a problem with the mic, as it was literally working well when I went to sleep, and then without any gradual regression, it stopped picking up anything but static or me yelling (which is still very low). Thanks
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  1. can you try it on another pc?
    can you try another mic on that pc?
    do you have a multimeter?
    can you try the mic on a separate pre amp - speaker set up?
  2. dp
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