Windows 7 keeps restarting randomly.

Hello, my windows 7 home premium computer keeps randomly crashing, no matter if it is just idle or I'm playing a game. The computer will restart randomly, go to a blue screen that informs me that it is dumping a physicl cache or something, and then go to the log-in screen. Sorry for not searching further on my matter, but an ipad is really inconvienient for in-depth searches.

System Specs:
E-machines ET1831-07
Windows 7 home premium 64 bit
Intel pentium processor e5400
Nvidia GeForce 7050 Integrated
750 GB HDD
Windows Experience Index says my RAM has a subscore of 5.9 while my total system base score is 3.2.
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    One of the most annoying things is the blue screen because you have no idea what it's saying. This limk will give you a download for a program that will read the blue screen and interpert it for you.
    Other than that try7 downloading memetest86 and run the test on your ram to see if it's defective , you can also try setting the bios o the default settings to see if that will help.
  2. This happened to me once. im sorry but ive got bad news for you. my pcs motherboard was malfuctioning and the processor kindof overheated as well. did your computer ever overheat beforehand? if so DONT try to fix it it would be better to get a new pc depending on what you currently have. the constant restarting was due to swollen electrical transformors on the motherboard that would F up the signal and force my pc to restart or bluescreen anytime it tried anything that required sufficent power. Sorry
  3. i should also probably mention that since your pc doesnt have that great of specs you should probably get a new one
    thats what i did
  4. To Inzone:

    What exactly do I do with both of the applications? The BlueScreenView is just showing me data about one crash 5 hours ago, and the memetest86 doesn't seem to run, it just gives me a bunch of files. Is there a real solution to my problem by the way? I don't want to erase my entire hard drive again, which I did for a virus problem a long time ago.

    To: WAWMarine127
    I do not believe my computer has "overheating" problems. Even during the summer, my computer ran fine for hours. I think it might be because of a virus or program error, as I've recently scanned my comp and purged it of a bunch of trojans and such.
  5. Are you sure that you got all the Trojans ? It may take severasl scans and a good quality airus-protectin software if you get hit with that many Trojans. You need to stay away from those infected sites.

    The memtest86 should run if you have downloaded the correct version and it will run for a while. If the blue screen view didn't work for you then you casn try this other one.
  6. @ Inzone
    I read the BSOD and it told me it had a problem with a "win32.sys". Also, no, I'm not completely sure. Are there any "free" anti-virus programs out there that you can recommend? I purchased Norton once and It just disappointed me.
  7. I don't really like recomending free anti-virus software because you get what you pay for or in this case don't pay for. I also did at one time use Norton but found it too intrusive and interfreing so I stopped and now use Kaspersky Internet Security and I like very much how it works and it's very dependable. So for a pay antivirus it's what I would recomend.

    For free anti-virus I suppose the Microsoft Sevurity Essentials would be your best bet.

    The thing I don't like about free anti-virus software is that how much support can you expect from free software ? I certianly would not keep important personal information on a computer with free anti-virus software on it.
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