ASUS G51J 3D connected to 3D DLP

Will the ASUS G51J 3D display 3D effects when connected to a 3D DLP?
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  1. as long as the DLP is 120hz capable.
  2. If it will work then I think I'm going to order it off newegg. I did some research and googled the 3d vision manual. It says for DLPs you connect the desktop graphics card to the TV by HDMI and then connect the 3d sync cable. But would this work for a laptop? I knew the G51J 3D has an HDMI port and the necessary 3D cables but I wasn't sure if it would work. Surprisingly there isn't much information about this on the internet.
  3. oops. that was supposed to be a link. One sec.
  4. Since it has the advantage of being a laptop that has 3d vision technology and playing 3d vision games on a DLP it seems like ASUS is missing a great marketing opportunity.
  5. Here is a link to the 3d Vision manual that gave me the idea it would work.
  6. yes and no. The problem is 2 fold. First if you want to be able to 3D you have to have a 120HZ capable screen and those are not cheap exactly. They are also falling behind big time in the mobile chip market because the chips are the same G92 chip they have been for 3 series now (EG GT130, GT230, GT330 are all basically the same chip just that the 330 is higher clocked). They don't have a DX11 mobile chip even on the horizon yet for Nvidia.

    With the 5XXX series from ATi hitting now Asus is starting to pick those up and include them in their platform (see G73). So what do you do? do you double down and offer both causing your laptops to be more expensive or do you go after the 3D market (which is going to be pretty small) or do you pick up a mainstream DX11 card and try for some forward looking technology in your laptops instead of the same old DX 10 chip?
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