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I am in the market for a new LCD monitor and I just had a quick question.
I was looking at the 23" Dell sp2309w which has a native resolution of 2048x1152 and was had a question regarding gaming at a lower resolution. I was wondering if I were to use the 23" Dell sp2309w to play a game at 1980x1080, would it look worse than a 23" monitor that had 1980x1080 as it's native res? Both of the screens would be 16:9 and have the same dimensions, just the dell would be running at below-maximum res.

I hope you can help me with this question.
Thanks :)
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  1. This monitor is on sale off the dell website $240 shipped until friday just to let any prospective buyers know
  2. no answers :(? i was going to buy tonight... it's not specifically for this monitor. in general:

    Will the picture look worse on a screen running at below native res when compared to a similar same sized screen running at the same res, but as it's native res?
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    1. do you have a good enough graphics card to game at that resolution? gtx560 or ati 5850 or better?

    2. 1980x1080 is plenty for a 23" monitor.

    3. running an LCD monitor at anything but the native resolution will make it look crap
  4. I will be using ati 5870, but i want to run games on max settings /w 60 fps or more. I will probably get a 1980x1080 instead then.
    thanks for the reply :)
  5. Check out the Dell G2410..
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  7. Thanks for all the help here because i also had problem.
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