Is there any need to install driver for window 7

is there any need of installing driver after installing window 7 in dell inspiron 1525
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  1. What sort of driver? I'd recommend updating the drivers from Dell's support site just to play it safe and ensure that everything is working correctly and ID'ed.
  2. Dell's support site does not have drivers for win 7 of you are using Inspiron 1525. They
    have drivers for XP and vista only. Will the drivers for XP work with 32 bit Win 7?
  3. It's true that Dell's support site does not have drivers for the 1525 Inspiron.
    That model shipped with XP or Vista, and they have drivers for only those
    computers. As it turns out, if you leave your computer connected to the
    internet when you install Win 7, Microsoft will install the drivers automatically.
    Thanks, Glen
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