Bright spot on plasma screen

I have noted a yellowm distorting patch on my Hitachi plasma tv. It is approx 10 years old? at first it appeared on the forehead in the center of the upper10-20percent of the sceen. At first it's was present on the networks, CBS.,NBC rescently it is on other cabel channels. There appears to be some green
distortion to a much less degree more to the side of the upper screen.
My guest ions are the following.

Is this an expected degrading of the unit? Should it or could it be repaired?
Is this a cable reception problem? Can it be fixed by the cable provider?

Should I be looking for a new TV? I need a 50" a little more or less. Suggestion would be helpful.

Thank you in advance

Michael Slippen
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  1. It could be problem with the plasma, age related or not, it might be expensive to repair.
    If the problem only happens on cable and not on DVD then the cable box should be replaced. Also connect the DVD to the cable box input to make sure the problem is not just on one input (or type of input).
    Plasma is still a great value and excellent performer in the size you need. Take a look at the new Panasonics.
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