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Hello and thank you.
Once again I return to the halls of wisdom in search of guidance. First off let me say that I am looking for a gaming headset that I will be able to use for both my xbox and my PC. Money is of no concern for me but I would rather not drop 300 dollars on something that 80 dollars will cover.

My goal, or.. actually my wife's goal, is to find a way for me to game with a headset while the TV is muted so she can study in peace for her classes and i can fully enjoy my games. I enjoy gaming both on my PC(desktop) and Xbox which is why I am trying to find one device (to rule them both). Ideally, from what I have seen in my research I can have one device for both of my systems.



From what I have seen at Turtlebeach, I can use the XP500 wirelessly at my xbox and when I wish to use it at my PC, I can just bring the headset over leaving the wireless transmitter at my xbox and plugging directly into my PC using the equipment on the 2nd link provide above.

So after a few weeks of searching the internet for a device that could fulfill both roles, I think this is the best for me. Unfortuately, its the only one I found and thats why I wanted to post on these forums to have someone sanity check my work. My current PC is running Windows Vista, does not have a Sound card.

Does it seem like my plan will work to both incorporate the XP500 into my 360 and PC with minimal hassle or am I over-looking something else that would be much easier?

Very Respectfully,
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  1. Any thoughts or ideas?
  2. I managed to get a Turtle Beach X42 set up to work wirelessly with both X-box and PC simultaneously. It only really works as wireless stereo headphones (no mike) with the PC and required a 2x male 3.5mm audio cable to link to the PC. With that setup, I was able to get audio from both simultaneously.
  3. hey xero, i'm not sure if you're still looking but i figured it'd be worth confirming that XP500s should be able to work in the setup you've described. it's hard finding a solid cross-platform headset so i know the pain of digging through reviews.

    it's worth mentioning that the Tactic 3D omega's will also do the trick, and they're $100 cheaper. i've used both and would say that the sound is definitely better on the omega's, but the earcups on the xp500s are a tad more comfortable. both are good headets, but i wasn't crazy about the fact the xp500's run on AA batteries. i hate buying batteries lol. rechargeable ftw :D

    best of luck xero
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