Will Watching 4:3 on 16:9 LCD Cause Burn-In?

Just purchased my first HDTV (Samsung UN46D6500) - a LCD/LED display. At the moment I do not subscribe to any HD content so all my cable channels are SD or 4:3 format. I really hated the stretched out look and changed the display from 16:9 to 4:3 so at least the picture looked somewhat normal. However, upon reading the user's guide - it states "not to set your TV to 4:3 for a long time." It goes on to say the borders surrounding the video may cause image retention (screen burn). Has anyone had problems in this regard? Am I stuck watching the stretched picture in 16:9? Any thoughts or opinions?
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  1. I wasn't aware that "burn in" was even a possible on an LCD display. If it was every pc monitor would be in pretty bad shape. Very odd. Maybe someone just copied this from Samsungs' plasma manuals. I don't think it will be a problem but if you want to be sure call them and ask.
  2. In very very extreme cases an LCD could get uneven wear on those activated pixels. On a consumer level, no, you never have to worry about it. The ONLY exception to this would be a Local dimming LED LCD TVs. These LEDs on the edges would be permanently shut of, thus making the wear on the edge led banks uneven. Edge lit sets, or CCFL are unaffected. Bottom line, your light source will expire before you burn it in.
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