Windows 7 won't load due to bad sectors on hdd

My Windows 7 system will not boot due to what I found out are bad sectors on the hard drive. I ran SeaTools to check the Seagate drive and it found several bad sectors. If I allow SeaTools to "repair" the bad sectors, will I be able to boot into Windows 7 again so I can at least save my data before replacing the hard drive? Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. You may or may not be able to boot after repairing the bad blocks. It all depends on just where the bad blocks fall.
  2. If you repair the bad sectors and can't boot into Windows you can still get a new hard drive and load Windows on it the with the old jard drive connected you can run recovery software and get you personal files off of the old hard drive,

    This is also a recovery program that can be used for recovering data.
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