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Hey guys, I'm currently have a 8800gts that is possibly going bad. I want to replace it but dont know what a good graphic card is right now. I mainly use this computer for game mostly FPS and RTS games. I would like to know what is good and how much im looking at. I had no brand preferrence. Also is ATI better or nvidia better?
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  1. You should've posted your query in the 'graphics and displays' section.. Anyway, it all comes down to your budget and few other parameters such as which games do you play and at what resolution(s).. Both Nvidia and ATI have few excellent options available.. The Nvidia GTX 460 1GB is the most popular graphic card currently and is excellent for the price it demands.. A similar option in the ATI camp would be the HD 5850 1GB..
  2. yeah i should srry bout that. i couldnt find the graphic section till after i posted this.
  3. That's fine.. You may ask any of the moderators to move this thread to the graphic section.. I however don't know how to do that..
  4. ty i'll see if i can
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