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Hey there,

With NTFS and Share permissions is there any way I can allow a user to (in a specific folder):

- Edit and overwrite existing files (like a notepad file)


- NOT be allowed to create new files or folders

I have spent quite a while staring at the special permissions screen. When reading about the meanings of the special permissions from the Microsoft Help, it says that the "Create Files/Write Data" permission allows for the overwriting of existing files but it also allows for the creation of new files. Is there some way i can have one without the other? Split the permission?

I have also been told that there is a flaw to this as when you open a word document it creates a temp file in the folder where the word document is, and having permissions set this way would cause the word document not to be able to open because it couldn't create that temp file. But still, I need help with this!

Thanks guys, all help is appreciated!

- Aidan
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  1. You pretty much only have the options that are available in the permissions screen, unless you want to start writing code or changing the registry. You would have to do a lot of rrrrrresearch brfoer you start changing the reegistry as I'm sure you know the conequences for making a mistake in there.
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