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Hi all,

I am really hoping one of you can assist me. Ever since I have upgraded to W7 I have had internet connection issues. Here's what I have done to try and fix it. I bought a NIC card instead of using my onboard connection, no help. I can connect without any issue directly to the modem. I have tested 3 routers, the latest being a brand new D-Link (DIR-628) I was connected through this for awhile and now it's back to dropping it's connection. It would be fine if I lived alone but this is becoming more and more frustrating. I have done command prompts renewing the ip address and flushing the dns, sometimes, not consistently this will work. If my computer goes idle or to sleep it drops connection. I am connected through an ethernet cord, this isn't even wirelessly.

My roomate is using xp and has had no issues through any of it. Windows troubleshooting just says for me to reset the modem, which I have done, I don't believe this should have to be done many times daily though. It seems to be something on my side and I just can't figure it out. I love W7 but every time I see that little yellow triangle over my connection it makes me want to pull my hair out. Thanks for any help you can offer.
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  1. I took my modem back to Time Warner and received a new one, so far (crosses fingers) this seems to have been part of the issue. With the new router (we tried the old one, my roomate could connect but I couldn't) I can stay connected here's hoping that's it. I did update all my drivers etc. Many of the times it would be a DNS error or say I wasn't connected. Not sure exactly but at the moment I am up and going, thanks for your help Tilweh.
  2. Your problem sound weird because ever since i installed windows 7 ultimate 32-bit on my pc the internet connection increase significantly like from 20kbps (was using XP) to 150kbps download speed. That is 750% increase.

    And your story is the reverse of mine. But in my case i didn't use upgrade feature from XP to Win 7. I just delete the XP and clean install win 7 ultimate. I am happy all the way now the system is very stable and internet speed fast more than expectation
  3. I believe it was a faulty modem, I have had 0 issues in 2 days, my speed is much faster and stable as well. Too bad that was the last component I replaced...grr. Such is life, thanks for the input guys.
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