AMD and Intel fight over China

OoooH is this a warning to AMD to pack up shop and leave China ?

<i>"This country isn't big enough for the both of us"</i>
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The main reason AMD revived the Duron range is to capture a large proportion of the Chineese CPU market..<A HREF="" target="_new">Clicky</A>

Mr Craig Barrett isn't having none of that no Sireee !

<font color=purple>Ladies and Gentlemen, its...Hammer Time !</font color=purple>
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  1. Bit of a stroppy git is the Intel CEO. It's practically "my company is bigger than your company" material.

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  2. no, but they are probably worried about amds ambitions
    now all those freaky yao ming types over there can game on a real processor :tongue:

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