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Hello,The reason for my question, just a few days ago I signed up for direct tv and an installer sub contracted through them came out to my house and hooked everything up. The very next day while watching tv I heard a loud pop and immediately my tv screen turned to black. Upon looking around tv I noticed that the hdDvr receiver cables were not tightened nor was a ground cable ever installed to the satellite. Could this have caused my bulb to pop before it's time? Is it possible?
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  1. i have dish network, far as i know there's no ground cable from my receiver to the antenna either, & imagine trying to prove that to direc to get them to repair or replace your tv will be a challenge at best.
  2. You said bulb, so I'm assuming you have some kind of front projector or rear projection (DLP, LCoS, etc...) TV.
    The quick answer is no, the non-ground wouldn't cause your bulb to pop.

    The more lengthy answer is: Although this wouldn't have anything to do with your bulb, a non-grounded dish and incoming service (and this includes CATV as well) can cause many other problems in your setup.
    1) This can include the wiring burning up inside your home if it is ever struck by lighting. Huge saftey reason the NEC made it law to be grounded.
    2) Ground loops can form if not grounded or grounded properly. This can cause hum in audio, loss of data on digital connections, etc...
    3) Lastly. It can cause HDMI inputs to fry on video displays (although rare). DirecTV actually has a bulletin out for installers to test the ground from TV chassis to receiver, just for that HDMI issue and the potential to damage a customers TV. Have never seen a DirecTV installer do it yet however lol
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