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Hey, just curious, is there anyway to program my pioneer 5.1 surrround sound system to my fios remote so I dont need 2 remotes?(fios remote and surround sound remote)

Pretty much I wanna use my fios remote to raise and lower the volume of my surround sound not the tv speakers which I dont use.
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  1. Ofcourse...the fios remotes they provide us with are supposed to be universal remotes. The guy who installed fios did the programming for me, but I think you can use this guide to get started:
  2. awww I dont have that remote =/
  3. Just talked to a guy and that is the older remote which they dont have anymore because idiots people ( AKA prob old people) got confused with the buttons so they got rid of the feature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. ^Ha thats funny. The remotes they gave out at first were great.
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