The THG sponsored MML2 with AMD, ASUS, & ATI

<A HREF="" target="_new">It's official!!!</A>

The meeting place is Louisville Kentucky. The event is the Million Man LAN 2 sponsored by THG, AMD, Asus, and ATI. There are a lot of other sponsors like DFI, nVidia, etc.

There will be...

- hardware breakout sessions with THG, AMD, and ATI.

- 4 Official Gaming Tournaments (CS, Q3, UT2003, and BF1942)

- Prizes

- People

- and all the craziness that you can handle

Here is a link to <A HREF="" target="_new">more details.</A>

It will be a blast.

Be there! and discuss the event here. Talk with others about carpooling, sitting together, etc.

<A HREF="" target="_new">Million Man LAN 2 is June 25-29, 2003 in Louisville Kentucky... Be there!</A>
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  1. In addition we just confirmed today that our very own Lars will be in from Germany and in attendence for MML2.

    What might be more exciting news is that ATI, in one of the breakout sessions will be showing several new announced but unreleased games!

    Yes, that's right! New games for all to see, right now only two titles are confirmed, but several additional titles will be added to the list shortly!

    Keep checking here for the latest news about MML2!
  2. In addition to the stuff that is going on inside, there are a lot of other things that will be going on outside.

    One thing, if you so choose to do, is you can sign up for the <b>Ultimate Frisbee tournament</b>.

    <A HREF="!&Forum_Title=MML+General+Discussion" target="_new">Ultimate Frisbee tournament Signup Thread</A>

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Ultimate Frisbee tournament Discussion Thread</A>

    If you are a <b>console gamer</b>... At MML1 they had about 4 XBox setups and there is talk about doing it again only bigger at MML2. <A HREF="" target="_new">MML2 Console Discussion</A>

    And for the <b>lonely, desperate, or womanless crowd</b>... There is a <A HREF="" target="_new">discussion thread about guy to girl ratios</A>.

    And if history repeats itself, there will be <b>contests</b> ranging from people's gaming ability, their athletic prowess, to thier eating and drinking abilities.

    I have asked some of their regular attenders to post over here so you can get a feel for what goes on at these events. Not that <font color=red><b>dstell</b></font color=red> doesn't do a good job... I just wanted you to hear it in their own words.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Gaming the THG way... THG sponsors the MML2: June 25-29, 2003 in Louisville Kentucky... Be there!</A>
  3. Question - If you're not a gamer, is there enough hardware, etc. info/exhibits there to make it worth the trip and time?

    But Officer, I wasn't speeding - I was qualifying ...
  4. There are going to be at least two sessions per day. The schedule isn't final yet, so I can't really comment on who goes when.

    THG will be presenting Friday night at 10PM. That I can say.

    There will be at least two sessions per day. That I do know. Some days there might be three.

    As far as booths, none that I know of.

    As far as fun... loads of it. I can just hang out the entire time and talk with people. I tend to do a lot of that at the Lan War events, I see no reason why MML2 would not be the same. There are plenty of sponsors that will be in attendence to talk with. Even if you are not a gamer, a lot of people just come to walk around and hang out.
  5. Dawn "BBabe" just posted this to the LANWar and MML sites.

    "The following is the schedule of events for MML2. (Schedule is subject to change, so check often.)

    9:00 Check-In Begins

    12:00 Noon Doors Open

    1:30pm Half Life Roll Call & Bracket Review

    2:00pm Half Life Counter Strike Tournament Begins

    2:00pm Massage Therapist Arrives

    3:00pm Opening Ceremonies (Sponsor Introductions-Lights Down

    6:00pm ASUS Speaker Session/Giveaway

    10:00pm ATI Speaker Session/Giveaway


    9:30am Unreal Tourney 2003 DM Roll Call & Bracket Review

    10:00am Unreal Tourney 2003 Death Match Tournament Begins

    12:00 Noon Half Life Counter Strike Awards Ceremony

    2:00pm Massage Theapist Arrives

    3:00pm Cisco Speaker Session

    6:00pm NVIDIA Speaker Session/Giveaway

    7:00pm Age of Mythology 2v2 16 Teams 2v2 aomyth: 231-4555,-Unofficial Tourney

    8:00pm America's Army: Operations Roll Call

    8:30pm America's Army: Operations Tournament Begins

    10:00pm THG Speaker Session/Giveaway


    8:30am Battlefield 1942 Roll Call & Bracket Review

    9:00am Battlefield 1942 Tournament Begins

    12:00 Noon UT 2003 DM & Americas Army Awards Ceremony

    2:00pm Massage Theapist Arrives

    3:00pm Hitachi Speaker Session/Giveaway

    6:00pm ABIT Speaker Session/Giveaway

    6:00pm DDR (Step Mania) Tournament Begins

    10:00pm AMD Speaker Session/Giveaway


    8:30am Warcraft III Roll Call & Bracket Review

    9:00am Warcraft III Tournament Begins

    12:00 Noon Battlefield 1942 & DDR Awards Ceremony

    11:00am Massage Theapist Arrives

    4:00pm Warcraft III Awards Ceremony

    4:30pm Closing Ceremony & Lights Up

    5:15pm Power Off"

    So that is

    Asus and ATI on Thursday.

    nVidia and THG on Friday.

    Hitatchi, Abit, and AMD on Saturday.

    Plus they will all be around to talk to when they are not presenting.

    And don't forget the Messge Theapist!

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Gaming the THG way... THG sponsors the MML2: June 25-29, 2003 in Louisville Kentucky... Be there!</A>
  6. Why are you guys being stupid and not letting people see the AMD64 from any other website? That's so retarded, you are going to loose a lot of viewers because of this. Unfair marketing won't stand up in an enthusiast arena. People want the truth, not some half baked crap that is made up because the manufacturer only allows you to see it and comment on it.

    Go to this link, then visit their forums and see what real users are saying about it:

    Honestly guys, I love THG, but this seriously affects my view of you. Please redeem yourself and apologize, or unleash AMD64 to the public, including “competing” websites. I'm sure you'll do the right thing.
  7. i am totally disgusted with what has transpired at the MML2. i can honestly state that THG has gone down hill in recent years, and what this site is about now is horrendous. THG has become a black eye to the online community with the recent media blackout fiasco at the MML2.
  8. I've read THG for a long time and this has done TONS to ruin my view of your site. The best part of this community is that I can go to all sorts of different sites to get reviews and analysis of the various hardware out there. Doing stuff like this just sucks. I really hope this was just some lower person's idea and that it will be dealt with. This isn't the way media should work.
  9. What or Who do you think you are?A major chip manufacturer?You are acting like Nvidia or Intel. Yes you are a sponsor of this event, but exclusive rights to info and nda type behavior will get this site removed from not only my bookmarked browse list, but many more like me who feel the the same way. You could have been "big" about this and gained more respect from the enthusiast community,but you chose to be "small" and selfish. SHAME ON YOU!!!

    system spec or witty quote , still thinking.....
  10. What? You nutless little s#%@s dont have the nerve to respond? Gee, why am I not suprised ??!!

    system spec or witty quote , still thinking.....
  11. Whoooooooooaaaaaaa! Settle down.

    Did you think that people could get back to their home towns? I live 8+ hours away from the event site. It ended today at 12:00PM EST. You posted your first message at 9:51AM. Things like room checkout, packing gear, etc. will add to the time to get home. And who wants to read the forums when the get home besides me?

    Did you happen to look at the response the article by Sudhian Media?

    Here is the link... <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    So what is the big deal??? One person's word against anothers... it's hearsay and nothing to get so mad about.

    Do you work for AMDMB or something?

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Gaming the THG way... THG sponsors the MML2: June 25-29, 2003 in Louisville Kentucky... Be there!</A>
  12. So you're going to say that it didn't occur because one other site said it didn't, or that he said he didn't know about it? That's short sighted. Also, it doesn't look like Sudhian Media was able to interview AMD, or check out the Athlon64, only AMD product he talked about was Opteron. So we will see what's up when he posts his review, if the Athlon64 stuff is there, then AMDMB is whack, if the interview and Athlon64 isn't there, then you are whack.
  13. your side of the argument is just as weak as the other side, all hearsay. how about you go outside, smoke a cigarette or somthing. go pick your panties out of your ass and stop bitching about nothing

    <font color=red> black </font color=red> <font color=green> white </font color=green> <font color=blue> yellow </font color=blue> <font color=orange> purple </font color=orange> <font color=black> red </font color=black> <font color=yellow> green </font color=yellow> <font color=purple> blue </font color=purple>
  14. ok first off ive been going to lanwars since lw 11 and i have to say a couple things that have to do with this had no right at all to do what they have done to thg... since dave came in lw 17 lanwar has gotten many more sponsors...thg makes the event have more than just allowing people to ask questions that would not normally get answered through email or any other source...thg has also made it fun to get lw17 i ran in my boxer's barefoot in 13 degree weather for a ati7500 aiw...well worth it...if is going to say that thg favors ati just becuase they may get their products then that too is slander...when ati first came in lw 18 dave became friends with the guys from ati and now at mml2 they had tons of 9600's to give away for free...just becuase thg guy was not at the nvidia speaker session doesnt mean he favors ati...he could of been out to lunch or sleeping who knows...the thg speaker session lasted like 4 hours and the ati one was the very surprised they let everyone ask a question that wanted to...and regaurding the media "blackout" umm local louisville stations such as whas 11 and fox 41 were at mml2 thurday, friday, and people are judging thg without knowing the true story...had you of been there you would know that dave stellmack went out of his way to make sure everyone had a fun time at the speaker sessions...he got alot of sponsors for mml2 and had his own feeling on the guys post saying that he wasnt granted access because of thg is total bullsh!t is amdmb a sponsor?????? did they come to troy or dawn??????? the new amd demonstration was for mml2 guests...we paid 45 dollars...did the guy???? more than likely no...maybe next time he should buy a seat like the rest of us gamers instead of flaming thg just because he didnt get a picture of what he wanted...

    in conclusion i would like to say that thg has had a great effect on mml/lw and i wouldnt have it any other way,

  15. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with anyone involved in this fiasco - I do not know what happened or why but I've only seen one side of the story so....

    Rather than going for legal action, why not just post a rebuttal on your front page and leave it at that? Why would a large successful site go for blood from a student?

    And don't tell me it's to save your reputation - you could do that by posting a rebuttal.

    If your point of view is valid, different and just, why not just post it? You certainly have a larger readership than so what is the problem?

    This has tainted my view of your website and I will be unlikely to come here again or recommend your site to others. I expect that many others who are not inclined to post share that view. Many people are offering to support the "underdog" in this situation and it's not you. It's a shame that such a cool event would have to be coloured by this scandal.

    Post your side of it and walk away from the lawyers - or you'll offend many of the "common" people who view these websites.

    And before anyone flames me, keep in mind that I have stated up front I only have half the story. I would like to see the other half. Regardless of that a threat of legal action against a small website is a disgrace.
  16. I agree. I do not believe Ryan from AMDMB is lying. Why would he? And instead of coming out and saying their side of the story, THG is just threatening lawsuits. Very bad move in my opinion. Especially since the person threatening the lawsuits wasn't even at the lan. I do not hate THG and I am not a AMDMB fanboy. In fact, I read THG much more than AMDMB. I just want to know what really happened.
  17. We have officially replied regarding this situation on our site, and on other sites.

    There are two sites that have their own experiences of the event, and organization:

    It is quite clear that THG did not have a media blackout. It is quite clear that AMDMB chose to jump to conclusions, and was asked to reconsider, but chose not to.

    Why? Who knows?

    Maybe it makes for good reading, and gets one noticed. Maybe people should note that it was a LAN party, and we were there to give back to the community. To have fun, get lots of prizes and freebies, and thank goodness sponsors were there to do that. We get tons of requests to sponsor LAN parties, and we chose to try it out with Lanwar and MML2 because, of past positive experiences.

    It is that simple.

    I don't understand why everyone chooses to believe that there was a media blackout when, in fact, only AMDMB seems to have had this problem, and admits that no sponsor was aware of such a thing etc. etc. I mean, if we had a media blackout, and wanted to shut other sites out, why not make an agreement with Lanwar to that effect, and let everyone know?

    The facts just aren't there to support the allegations. Again, it is quite clear that other media were there and left to get on with their job: makes that clear.

    We've been covering Lanwar events for some time now. Not AMDMB. We have done it with the emphasis on the event and the community. We wanted this to be a celebration and everyone has just gone at a tangent.

    Maybe it should be noted that there was no exclusive to be had, and that prior to the event, arrangements had been made to cover the AMD session in a preview because, AMD had something important to say. This is normal procedure. Not of our doing, but something that AMD would want for its own purposes.

    If I understood what the indignation was all about, I would feel less angry about the whole situation, but with no truth, whatsoever, to the claim that there was a media blackout by THG, what are the options.

    We won't sue AMDMB. Not worth it, and the guy probably misunderstood what was going on, but he could have said that, too. He chose to go live with his article for effect.

    One other thing that is just beyond the pale is the reference to THG strongarm tactics. What stronarm tactics? Someone enlighten me on how we strongarm other sites, and give me facts. Incidents, actions, who, when, where, what?

    If you paid attention to the average product launch from AMD, Nvidia, Intel, or anyone, you will see that products appear on numerous sites. We don't manage that, or have any influence over it. It is handled by company marketing and PR.

    There are no exclusives in this business. Everyone knows that. There's no point for a company to ruin its relationship with other publications by giving THG an exclusive. No matter how big or influential they may perceive a site to be, no vendor would risk doing that.

    These are just standard procedures in this business. Again, no vendor would endorse an exclusive, or consider it. Perhaps the Wall Street Journal, or Washington Post, or NY Times can get exclusives, but not technology sites.

    So, please, enough about exclusives, or media blackouts. It just doesn't happen with vendors.

    As for the interaction at MML2, there were a bunch of guys there with no sleep, running on caffeine, doing 3 hour presentations, and trying to keep this thing together for 4 days. Maybe tempers did flare, but AMDMB was at the event, took part in it, and had a chance to enjoy the event.

    Why he chose to rain on everyone's parade is beyond me. At the end of the day, everyone had a good time. There was no earth shattering product news or presentation there, as you would expect at an end-user event, and that's it.

    I was probably less than diplomatic in my reply to The Inquirer, but then again, I am always less than diplomatic. Nevertheless, I'll have a go at anyone who misrepresents us, and says things that are blatantly untrue about THG. No strongarm tactics, and no media blackouts. That's official.

    Omid Rahmat
    General Manager
    Tom's Guides Publishing
  18. i wil not ever go to THG website ever again, i too read what happened, who do they think they are? hope they are asking themselves, just how many readers they have here? and when readers and supporters of THG read what they did, apparantely, they didnt think of the consequenses of their actions. i used to come to this site, but no more, and as you can read, a lot of other computer enthusiasts wont either, whoever made that decision and the one who gave the go ahead should be reprimanded, and as for AMD to allow this to happen, what does that say? no more AMD chipsets for me, goodbye THG and you too AMD........
  19. I LOVE YOU GUYS!! you guys rock i was there and i went to mml2 and i dont care what anybody says that was the best 4 days of my life!! THG FOREVER!!!!
  20. Why are you guys even posting something on your news section? If all you are going to do is make fun of AMDMB, and bring up negative stuff about apologies and [H] and whatever else, why not just keep quiet so you don't loose more viewers because of your childish actions?
  21. I'm totally disappointed in THG's actions regarding AMDMB. It marks yet another PR disaster in THG's long history of deceit, hostility, and arrogance.

    When I read the useless article on WinFS here recently, I asked myself "why the heck do I visit this site anymore?"

    Well, I won't have to ask that again. My THG bookmark is as good as deleted. Happy trails.

    THG fanboys, feel free to flame as much as you need to boost your fragile egos. For what it's worth, I don't have a problem with you guys, you're no better or worse than the fanboys at any other site.
  22. Geez people... ONE upstart from AMDMB makes a spurious allegation, and you guys are saying you'll never read THG again!! Talk about fickle! Did you guys even read Omid's post??? Its about the only thing that actually rings with a bit of sense about this whole ordeal.

    The fact is, NONE of us were aparty to any of the events that Ryan alleged happened. If you choose to believe AMDMB over THG and every other sponsor and media relation that attended the event, then live with your fickleness. Don't come to MML, and stop reading THG. Maybe even go read AMDMB instead. Gee, I wonder if that's what AMDMB could have been after in the first place?? And they say THG are using strongarm tactics?? Looks like the pot calling the kettle "black" to me... and you guys are buying it hook, line, and sinker.


    <font color=white><b>_________________________________________________</font color=white></b>
    Armadillo<font color=orange>[</font color=orange><font color=green>TcC</font color=green><font color=orange>]</font color=orange> at Lanwar and MML
  23. Well said...

    <pre> \|/
    jlanka (. .)
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