Help, need a laptop

Since I'm the "computer guy" I have been commissioned by a friend to find him a descent all around laptop for no greater than $1500 USD. I know little to none about notebooks, so any advice would be greatly appriciated.

he's not terribly worried about performance, so the cheaper the better, without taking too drastic of a performance/features hit.
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  1. I am no expert, but I have a Toshiba Satellite and I am happy with it. It's a major brand so you can get accessories, extra memory, etc. with no problem. It also comes with a software bundle, everything installed. The eraser thing takes a little practice, but all the schemes do (I carry a mouse for those times I can use it). I would suggest that you get one with a TFT display and a Li battery. Also, maxing out the memory is better than a faster processor. Go to their website and check out the models, then go to Pricewatch.
  2. My suggestion is to spend a little more and get a good solid system....Maybe $1800 or so...

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  3. Any idea how long until the mobli Palomino comes out?
  4. Check out
    My work has bought several off of there for around $1200. That gets you a P3 700 with DVD and the works.
  5. the Apple iBook for 1,499 is damn nice. It has TV-out Firewire, two USB, 56k, 10/100... all this for 1500$ not bad if you ask me.

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  6. I dont know about Apple pc's. There not x86 could be a bad choice.

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  7. Try Dell or IBM.

    They sell good laptops but IBM is rather expensive
    I suggest that you get a decent graphics accelerator like an ATi M4, Radeon or Geforce to Go.
    Bear in mind that graphics chip are not upgradable so preferably 16mb to 32mb is sufficient.

    I have a Neomagic accelerator 2.5mb....and I'm stuck with it for life! :(
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