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I have a friend that has $1000 - $1200 to spend on a system. He wants a P4 system. He has been looking at the Dell systems 2700 DDR Ram. He can get one w/ a CD R/RW for just under $1000.

I tried to see if I could find the parts to build one for less. I don't think I can. I come up with prices in the $1200 range. Of course I am using Asus mobo and other name brand parts I am familiar with and trust. However, I don't know what parts Dell is using on some of their components.

Does anyone have any input on this subject? Is the Dell system a good one? Seems that the price is unbeatable.

Thanks for your input.
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  1. what is the rpm speed of the HDD? what model video card ? what brand cdrw? what is the wattage of the psu

    I bet this setup I just now threw together beats whatever they offer and although there is no monitor mouse or keyboard it is still only 835.00 inc shiping to new york, from california

    Cases PC - ATX - Mini/Med Tower
    Offering a large 8-drive capacity in a convenient mini tower. This cost-effective new Super Mini Tower comes in an attractive color - Antec Metallic Bronze - with the features and quality you expect from Antec.
    Driver Bays: External 4 X 5.25" - 2 X 3.5" (Tool-less Drive rail system for 5.25 Devices) - Internal 5 X 3.5" (Quick Release Drive cage for 3.5" Drive bays)
    System Board: Standard ATX
    Expansion Slot: 7 Slots
    USB/IO: 2 X USB (front)
    Optional Fans: 2 X 120mm (front & rear)
    Case Dimensions: 18.6" (L) X 8.25" (W) X 18.3" (H) more info>
    N82E16811129122 $73.00

    CD Recorder/Rewritable Drive
    Lite On 48x24x48 CDRW Model LTR-4824S OEMBuffer underrun error free & automatically adjust writing strategy plus running OPC to meet various burning condition.
    Speed : Recording 48Xmax CAV Re-writing 24X High-Speed CLV Reading 48Xmax CAV
    Interface : ATAPI-E/IDE, support up to Ultra-DMA Mode2 33.3MB/sec
    Access Time : 80ms (typical)
    Buffer Memory Size: 2MB
    Operating System : Windows 95/98/NT/XP/2000/ME
    MTBF : 70'000 Power On Hours with 25% Duty
    OEM (Comes with .Manual and Audio cable.) more info>
    N82E16827106188 $57.99

    LITE-ON LTD-166S16X DVD ROM Drive - Retail48X CD-ROM Access all format DVD-ROM/R/RW ,CD-ROM/R/RW title & disc Comes with Audio Cable, Manual and Power DVD Software, more info>
    N82E16827131104 $45.00

    Hard Drives
    Maxtor 40GB 7200RPM Hard Drive Model # 6E040L0 OEM, DRIVE ONLY
    Diamond Max Pluss
    Size: 40 Gigabytes
    Interface: IDE ULTRA ATA133
    Seek time: <10ms
    Cache 2MB
    OEM(Drive alone) 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty more info>
    N82E16822140133 $83.00

    Memory - PC (DDR)
    CORSAIR MEMORY XMS Extreme Memory Speed Series 256MB PC3000 DDR RAM 370MHz - OEM
    CMX256A-3000C2 DDR, PC3000 32x64, Non-ECC, 184-Pin, CAS2 -Unbuffered Requires DDR supported Motherboard - Lifetime Warranty. more info>
    N82E16820145402 $112.00

    Motherboards - Intel
    ASUS P4PE/L Motherboard for Intel P4 478 Retail w/ Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, Onboard LAN, SoundMAX Digital Audio System
    ***1st Intel chips that TRUELY support DDR333 PC2700***
    Supported CPU: P4 Socket 478 1.4 GHz ~ 2.53+ GHz
    Chipset: Intel 845PE
    FSB: 533 / 400 MHz
    RAM: 3 x184-pin DDR333 PC2700/PC2100/PC1600Max 3GB
    IDE: 2 x UltraDMA 100/66/33
    Slots: 1 x AGP 4X 6 x PC
    Ports: 1x LPT, 2x COM, 2x PS/2, 1x RJ45, Audio Ports
    Onboard Audio: ADI1980 6-channel CODEC
    Onboard LAN:BroadCom 10/100 Mbps Ethernet controller more info>
    N82E16813131429 $125.00

    ►Free Newegg T-Shirt!
    How to Redeem: Buy this Processor and add a Newegg T-Shirt to Your Cart
    (Limit One T-Shirt Per Customer, Credit Given At Order Confirmation)
    Intel Pentium 4 2.4BGHz 512K 533MHz CPU Northwood P478 Processor Retail Box
    CPU: Pentium 4 P4 2.4BGHz Northwood
    Type: Northwood
    Cache: 512K
    BUS: 533MHz
    Socket: P4 478
    Retail Box (with Heatsink and fan) more info>
    N82E16819116139 $189.00

    LEADTEK GeForce 4 TI4200 64M /TV BULK
    Chipset: Nvidia 4th-generation 256-bit GeForce4 Ti 4200 GPU InfiniteFX II Engine
    RAM:64MB fast DDR Memory
    8.8 GB/sec Memory Bandwidth
    4.4 Billion AA samples per second fill rate
    Integrated 350MHz RAMDAC, resolution up to 2048x1536, True Color @ 60Hz
    Comprehensive AGP 4X support
    Ports:DB-15 VGA + S-Video + DVI
    OEM pack (Comes with Winfast Drivers/software and Video cables See pic) more info>
    N82E16814122143 $136.00

    Subtotal » $820.99
    Shipping and Handling Charge »
    $ 15.00
    FedEx Express Saver Grand Total » $ 835.99

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  2. That looks like a good system. It is similar to what I would have built. However, I am not familiar with the Lite-On CD writers and DVD ROMs. I would have used a Plextor or Yamaha writer. I don't know anything about Lite-On though.

    In my system I included more items:
    Windows XP Home
    MS Works
    floppy drive
    optical mouse
    nice keyboard
    17" View Sonic monitor.

    Your price would be up around $1200 or more once you add in these items. This can be bought for just under $1000 at Dell. That is my question. Dell seems to be offering the same cheaper. I don't know what mobo (brand and model) and memory (brand, CL2, CL2.5, etc) they are using. In fact the brand and model are not indicated on most of the components.

    I guess my question is why would someone spend $1200 for the custom system when they can get it for under $1000 for Dell. Below are the exact components I have specified. That should help anyone in their replies. Thank you for your assistance.

    A00696 TEAC 1.44MB FLOPPY DRIVE (Bare Drive) Detail Specs $13.50 $13.50

    A19007 ASUS P4PE/L INTEL 845PE CHIPSET ULTRA ATA100 ATX FORM FACTOR 1xAGP(4X)/6xPCI/3xDDR W/USB 2.0, LAN & AUDIO Detail Specs (CPU TYPE:INTEL PENTIUM 4 (533MHZ) - 478PIN) $122.96 $122.96

    A08542 CORSAIR CM64SD256-2700CX2H 32X64 333MHZ 256MB CAS2 DDR DIMM W/HEAT SPREADER $106.00 $106.00

    807647 ALTEC LANSING 221 3PC PC MUSIC & GAMING SPEAKER SYSTEM (Black) Detail Specs $35.97 $35.97

    754222 MAXTOR 60.0GB L01J060G EIDE ULTRA-ATA/133 7200RPM (Retail) ($20.00 Mail-In Manufacturer Rebate Available till 12/28/2002) (*Special Offer Ends 11/06/2002!) $95.00 $95.00

    A15020 TOSHIBA 16X-DVD/48X-CDROM EIDE INTERNAL #SDM1612 *2X DVD-RAM playback! (Bare drive) Detail Specs $45.00 $45.00

    A18870 Microsoft Works suite 2003 (DSP)-MS Word/Works/Picture it/Money/Streets/encyclopidia **Must be Purchased w/Hardware!!* $69.00 $69.00

    A16703 ENERMAX FAN006-FAB-B 80mm BALL BEARING FAN FOR CASE W/3 & 4PIN CONNECTOR Detail Specs $8.50 $8.50

    A15440 Microsoft PLUS for Windows XP-Home & Professional (Retail) Detail Specs $39.00 $39.00

    A15060 Microsoft Windows XP HOME (OEM/DSP)*Must be Purchased w/Hardware!!* Detail Specs $89.00 $89.00

    A02640 VIEWSONIC 17" E70F .25 1280X1024 FLAT SCREEN Detail Specs $145.95 $145.95

    A03097 INTEL PENTIUM 4 2.4B GHZ (BX80532PE2400D) W/512K CACHE 533MHZ 478-PIN RETAILED (3 YEARS WARRANTY) Detail Specs $203.95 $203.95

    859024 LOGITECH DELUXE ACCESS KEYBOARD Detail Specs $13.50 $13.50

    A14363 ENERMAX CSX 3051L-S3A (SILVER) MID TOWER W/350W (PENTIUM 4 READY) ATX POWER SUPPLY & 80mm CASE FAN x 1 Detail Specs $75.00 $75.00

    058411 LOGITECH OPTICAL MOUSE 3-BTTN W/SCROLL WHEEL USB/PS2 Detail Specs $16.50 $16.50

    A08400 3COM 56K V.90 INTERNAL PCI FAX MODEM W/VOICE MODEL #2976 (OEM) $45.00 $45.00

    A16870 ASUS V8170DDR GEFORCE4 64MB AGP4X MX-440 W/GAMES/TV OUT(Retail) Detail Specs $79.00 $79.00

    Sub Total $1,202.83
  3. Quote:
    I guess my question is why would someone spend $1200 for the custom system when they can get it for under $1000 for Dell.

    because the parts are a higher grade, you can upgrade easily without concern for proprietatry psu's and similar, I bet the vid card is not a 4400 or even the 440 that you list, probably an mx which is to be avoided and both of us chose to use a great name brand of ram.. something you can bet won't find its way into a Dell machine. btw lite-on drives are fantastic and currently make the fastest drives available. Most people looking for a machine like your friend also already have a good monitor keyboard and mouse ( I see I forgot a floppy drive though :frown: )

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  4. That's true most people already have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. This is my friends first computer though.

    I don't expect they will need a super fast computer. They won't use it like you or I might. So, for example, they probably won't care if they have RAM with CL2 or CL2.5. They will be concerned with reliability. However, I think a Dell computer will be reliable.

    So in their case I am not sure that a custom puter will do them much good.


    I am just trying to do right by my friends. I don't want them to spend any more money than necessary. And I want them to have a reliable computer.

    I know that if they were looking to spend $1500 or more and wanted as fast a computer as possible then I could seriously help them save money and get a killer computer. But, when they are on a low end budget and don't need a seriously fast computer, things get trickier.

    Thanks for helping sort out these issues.
  5. Oh, also I had not added in the cost of the CD Writer in my $1200.00 quote. That adds another $138 bringing me to about $1340.
  6. Buy a lite on for $55.

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  7. dude Dells are not very good system you would be alot better to go ahead and build a custom one than buying a dell. or go with some place like flec but whatever you do dont get a dell.

    Dude your not getting a dell, are you?
  8. What specific things are bad about Dell computers (besides the commercials)? Thanks for your help.

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  9. Take a read of the experiences of others concerning dell before proceeding,
    My opionion is better to spend 2-300 more on something good than spend it on repairing something bad

    INTELigence is gained by obtaining aMD
  10. Dell computer have crappy componets. At least all ths Dell computers i've seen they are really really hard to work on. and alot of times the video card are such pure crap you cant hardly play any games over a 640x480 res and still get 60 FPS. If the motherboard dies then you will have to buy a very over priced motherboard. but other then that i guess they are great computers.
  11. That is untrue. It all depends on the system you buy. You will get crap if you spend $700 on one. But if you spend the money, you can get a good system with some quality components.

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  12. I have yet to see a Dell computer with a motherboard that Dell did not make. Plus they only use INTEL CPU's they aren't bad but i would reather have a AMD.
  13. You think dell makes thier own motherboards now?

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  14. You're a little off. I have a Dell that's been running for 4.5 years and it has a nice Intel BX board in it. It's proprietary, with propietary connectors, but it's still an Intel board. It's a solid machine. I paid $3000 for it though.

    Here's what to expect if you buy a dell. Keep in mind this is only my experience from a 4.5 year old rig and you might want to hear from someone who has bought one recently. I doubt much has changed though.

    1. A good rig, only good, if you pay top dollar.
    2. The minimum power supply they could put in there.
    3. A proprietary motherboard. It's not made by Dell, but it makes upgrading a hastle.
    4. Non-overclockable
    5. Relatively quiet.
    6. Their customer service is hit and miss. Sometimes, but very rarely you get a great tech that knows thier stuff. Most of the time you get someone who only knows what's written in the same manual they give you. No matter who you get, you end up on the phone for hours and hours before you figure anything out.
    7. The case has proprietary connectors to the motherboard. This makes upgrading a hastle.

    In most cases, where you don't spend top dollar, you'll get too little memory and a crappy videocard.

    I should also note, that after 4.5 years, my monitor is starting to die. Just this last week it's been acting up and It's bound to die within 6 months.

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  15. Go Dell and get a minimum 3 year warranty. Go to net and get idea of price. Then call a minimum 3 sales people and get the cheapest price. They offer gov or teachers a 5 % discount however it is a ploy to make you think you get a good deal. Got one cheaper than their 5% discounted price without having to be a certain type of employee. Cannot beat their pricing. Gateway was ridiculous in price. With a 3 yr warranty and lifetime phone support how can you go wrong.
  16. Thank you for your repsonse. It seems to be well thought out and objective. The price range I am looking at is $1000. I can build something from high quality components (Asus mobo, Corsair RAM C2, etc.) for only about $200 - $300 more. Would you consider a computer from Dell that costs $1000 to be a bad purchase. I am only trying to help my friends get a decent computer. Thanks for your help.
  17. Thanks for your response, but I don't make purchases just because they have a warranty. I want a reliable system. If I have a warranty, but have to constantly avail myself of it, I would rather spend more money and get one that requires no work.

    I started building computers at work because the namebrands would eventually require repairs and/or upgrades. The proprietary hardware and lack of good service wasted too much of my time. Now that I build them using top of the line components I have next to no problems (caused by hardware). Still have user problems, :}, but no problems with hardware.

    Besides, they don't give you a warranty because they believe in their product. They charge you extra for the warranty (insurance). Hmmmm.

    Their prices do seem good, but I can't tell what components they are using to determine if it is what I would like.
  18. This is up to you. Sometimes it's worth buying from Dell when you need the software. It might be worth in that case. In my opinion, the software is what's really affecting your decision.

    However, what I would really recommend is just building an AMD system. With a budget that low you might as well. Make your money worth something.

    If you buy that Dell system remember that it's going to be completely un-upgradeable. It's going to come with a GeForce4 MX, and personally, I think their keyboards are lousy. Add to that the proprietary parts and you're stuck with a $1000 paperweight in a couple years at best. The dell isn't going to have corsair memory, or an enermax powersupply, that's for sure.

    If it's just price you're worried about, also consider buying a different brand of memory, like Crucial, and consider a different brand of powersupply like Antec. Don't forget that Lite-on is a cheap CD-RW. Consider an integrated motherboard. I bought a $55 motherboard from ECS and it's running strong. Don't let price fool you.

    Start looking at a gigabyte motherboard for $90 and an AMD 2100+ for $115 or 2400+ for $180, and you've already saved $50 to $115. Then at the very least, you can stick a new motherboard and processor in there down the road without having to mess with the case and buy a new powersupply.

    Nonetheless, another good argument, and possibly a final argument, for the Dell is that you can have him call Dell rather than you if he has problems. That time factor might make it worth your while to recommend Dell for such a low budget PC.

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  19. Thanks. I have looked at an AMD system and can do a better in 2GHz/2000+ range (mobo and processor).

    What is a good basic GPU? You say the MX are bad. Does that mean you would only recommend a NVIDIA TI-4200 with 64 MB or better?

    As far as not having to do any work on the Dell. It is too good of a friend to say no. I would probably end up helping them anyway. That is why I want build it for them. I don't want to end up helping them with the Dell.

    Thanks for all your help.
  20. Is he going to play games though? If he's not then the graphics card really isn't that important. If he is then the MX just don't perform very well. For a budget PC, I would recommend a Radeon 8500 most likely. People seem to be happy with it and it only costs $90.

    If he's not playing games then the graphics card really isn't that important at all. A MX will play DVD.

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  21. Is the 8500 good for games (better than an MX)?

    Thanks again for your assistance.
  22. Yes

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  23. Please promise us you wont buy a dell.

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  24. I will buy the Dell. My precious.... It's mine....

    Sorry. I don't know what came over me. It must have been the ring.
  25. If I had the knowledge now that I have three years ago you would've never convinced me to by a Dell, Fujitsu, or Compaq or any packet computer. I'd build. If you know someone whose good with 'Puters and has the time to walk around with you do it. Don't make the same mistake half of us THGC members made :lol: . My present system with the exception of the speakers and the monitor was bought @ebay. Now some will laugh but I got all these components through ebay about this time last year. (If you want I'll list 'em) I've still got that same system.

    Plan on setting up a new one 'cause it's getting too slow for gaming and I know I'll be bored during the holidays so I'm gonna have to fill the <b>VOID</b> with something.

    I'm just throwing out ideas. :wink:

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  26. lagger, hey!

    Agree that u can build better rather than pay more for less. Here's my story and my question.

    3.75 years ago i built a screaming PIII system for the time. It was based on an ABIT VT6X4 mobo, 600 MHz coppermine (slot 1), 256 MB of 133MHz ram, a 20 MB 7200 rpm hard drive, and a Vodoo3 2000 PCI graphics card. Years later I upgraded to a 933 MHz and added 512MB more of mem. It has served me very well.

    Then, wanting to get into running 2 monitors and a TV tuner card (which eventually was hoping to be an HDTV tuner card), i started on my venture for a dual monitor graphics card. First i tried the Radeon 8500, but its tweaking was cluggy, and it's trying to run a second monitor with the dongle connected to the DVI port wouldn't work. A ton of calls to tech support (TS) yield that i had a bad dongle. To replace it would cost $35. It was 'the only piece in the box not coverd by warranty'. That is a quote. Well i returned the card to the retailer.

    I then bought an ABIT Geforce4 TI 4200 (64MB) thinking there would be no (underline the word NO) compatability probs. Well here it is 4 months later and long story short, my card won't run the Direct Draw test in dxdiag in Direct X 8/1 for WinXP Pro. I found this out (ignoring other small seeming problems) when i went to install Warcraft III. The game would hang upon trying to run. My system won't even run 3DMark 2001 SE. Hangs evey time. Tried everything down to a bare mobo, newly formated HD w/ only Win XPro and no other cards in the system and all the right drivers (the 4-in-1's for the mobo and correct ones for the Siluro). The best i can figure after RMAing the board to ABIT (who thought it was a fan problem and an overheating chip ... huh) is that there is some incompatability w/ the VIA chipset on the mobo. Who'da thunk.

    So it's time for an upgrade. But this time after the arduous (and i mean grueling) expieriences w/ expanding, I'm definately thinking of sticking w/ an intel chipset. U mention in this reply to Paulj, that the ASUS P4PE/L (where's the /L come from) is good and can do Hyper Threading CPUs. Yet u also state that it only does "P4 Socket 478 1.4 GHz ~ 2.53+ GHz ". Doesn't the HT technology only start w/ 3.0 Ghz and up?

    I am very interested in building my new system upon an HT cpu and a mobo w/ "dual channel" DDR. Can u advise and keep very clear ur suggestions? Also, until this combo is available and/or become affordable what would be the fastest/most affordable system u might think of? (i'm thinking of an intel 845E sytem w/ R1066 mem even if it is a dead end system ... at least it'd be the fastest and most compatable eh?)

    shiva D
  27. I work @ Dell, in the Tech support for the new Dimensions, 2300,2350,4500,4550,8200 and 8250. and I rarley get calls on the 8200 series, the 2300's ARE CRAP!!!!!!!! 4500's are ok but I would get the 8200, the case is VERY easy to get into and work on (add and remove parts) there are NO Screws in the case... that goes for the 4500's also but the 2300's are totaly different, Dell doesn't make the 2300's case and it uses the cheapest parts out there, thats why its sooo cheap. End result you get what you pay for. If you want to bulid a PC then do it, if you want to just buy one then buy the 8200 series.

    Dell Dude
  28. Thanks Artifice. Good info. I can beat the price on an 8200, so I will go ahead and recommend that route.
  29. I run a small computer business and I was interested if you could tell me a detailed specification for the computer you are looking to build. I get my parts from a wholesale distributor and I can get all the name brand stuff. If you send me a note with the info I would be glad to send you a quote of how much I could get it for you for. My prices are real low so let me know what you need nd I would be glad to help you out.

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  30. Yeah you are right, HT starts with the 3.06Ghz. My preference is for price/performace value for a new system. If you are looking for a new PC to pass the time until a dual channel HT solution becomes available I would get something that will get the job done but not much more. But that's just me. My real question would be what would happen to the computer once the dual channel motherboard become available. I mean if you were going to keep it then getting a nice one now would be good. If you are looking for a good quality dead end computer, buy AMD. AMD motherboards already do dual channel DDR400 and they have the standard goodies like SATA and RAID or whatever you are into. A nice AMD board would perform pretty good now and then you would just need to replace your board and CPU when dal channel DDR400 is accepted by Intel next year just like you would if you bought anything now and replaced it.

    Anyways I don't really know what you want but if you want to let me know I run a computer business and I buy all my stuff at wholesale. I am just starting out so I am trying to get people good deals by selling them stuff at or near my cost. I can basically beat any prices out there by a little bit. Let me know what you need and I'll let you know how much you can save.
  31. Hey guys!

    just got a new "Small and Medium Business/December 2002" catalog from Dell and guess what was on the inside cover (page2)? A P4 3Gig HT system for $1699 and free shipping. This has got to be the deal of the year. Yeah it's got a crappy video card, a small hard disk and not to many extra's. But w/ a 48x cdrw/dvd, a monitor and 1066 RDRAM (4.2 gigs of bandwith ... even if it is the old 16bit kind) this has got to be a killa system 'for the money'! Artifice ...tell me if u don't agree. I can't even by a good Asus P4t533 board, memory and the same cpu for under a thousand bucks! and here's a whole system with an HT cpu and the fastest memory, all built and ready to go! U guys seen this. I work around the corner from a Gateway store and they can't even come up with a better price ($2400 is the best they can do). Unfortuneately i'm not in a position to even go in on the deal. Hard times at Ridgemnot High. But if i could get a system ... here it is. An intel 850E chipset and all the trimmings. What do u guys think?

    later dudes,
  32. I would recommend caution. If it sounds too good to be true it may be so.

    I can build a system like that for $2300 cost, all top of the line components. no monitor. That's inlcuding a 9700 Pro. Why would you do otherwise with a high end system?

    It sounds like Dell is skimping somewhere. But since you aren't really serious about getting it I guess it doesn't matter.

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  33. I can't speak for the Small Business part, I only deal with Home and Home Office. but I can tell you that as far as Video cards and Sound Cards go, Dell gets cheap ones. everything else is good, and if the parts go bad dell with replace it. Its the holiday season and Dell and HP and Gateway are trying to sell the most so they are going to put up good prices on the PC, and remember they buy the CPU's in Huge Bulk so they get disscounted prices. thats another reason they can be sold cheaper too.
  34. Hey Paul/Arti

    Again, simply because i can get a system, put together, up and running, cheaper (by more than just marginal), with the help of mass purchasing like Arti says. Also for the "simple" or "first time" conscious type of buyer, this is really a lot of computer for the money. Most i've ever seen in retail in a long time. Sure the vid cards are chaep and the sound card is junk. But an Audigy can be had for little money (under 100) and as far as vid cards go that can be remedied for smaller than what u say u can build for. Plus a new box, monitor, OS etc. Not bad. NOt bad. Tell ur company good work Arti. I am going to try to make this happen. After all ... it is Christmas!

    True though, would love to get the Assus P4T533 so i could evenutally use the 32 bit RIMMs along w/ the HT P4s. Think this would be a slightly faster mobo. However all the tests seem to show that the old 16bit dual channel RIMM technology still yields 4.2 gigs of bandwith for the mem/cpu interface. This is the beginning of the next level!!!. HT tecnology and the bandwith to use it!

    Merry Christmas guys, God bless and good luck
    shiva the D
  35. No problems with dell here..

    My brother bought a Dell 8100.. P4 1.5 ghz, 256 rdram, geforce 2mx.. 40gb hard drive, winME, really nice 17" Monitor(high ass resolutions)

    No problems what so ever, pretty fast machine... Runs games fine.. for what he does it's nice.. also came with Harman/Kardon Speakers.. and a Printer

    it was around 1200 when he bought it.. back when 1.5 ghz was like the newest procesor..

    Good Support, All manuals are easy to read ... it's a perfect OEM to go with if your a starter with no Monitor and the rest of those perhipherals

    This Community is like a Second Family!!
  36. 138 for a CD/RW!!!! Yikes. Get a lite-on...

    goldarn the pusherman
  37. Woa. You dug this one up. :smile: . The price is lower now. And with the rebate a definite consideration. The Yamaha has the cool ability to burn a label on the disc.

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  38. Hey bro, just for the hell of it check out They have pretty damn good prices and products. Also freeway has been around for 9 years and got high ratings on BBB. Check them out, later.
    PS:BBB(better business bureau)
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    <font color=red>GOD</font color=red> <font color=blue>BLESS</font color=blue> <font color=red>AMERICA</font color=red>
  40. Artifice - Since you work at Dell, I'll ask you this. I understand that Dell no longer ships an OS (XP) CD with new computers. If you have to reinstall or repair corrupted files, what does Dell do for you. I'd never buy a rig without all the appropriate software disks. So tell us, what's Dell's new policies on these issues

    But Officer, I wasn't speeding - I was qualifying ...
  41. My best friend works for Dell Corporate Sales. He still builds his own computers. With my help of course (cheers for me) I've heard every horror story their is about Dell. Truth is, Dell is all proprietary stuff. Their cases are about the most difficult thing in the world to take apart or modify or do anything with. Their Mobo's are about the most non-modifiable on earth. Their tech-support people have the I.Q.'s of the average Chimpanze. They use the same tech-support faq crap that you can find off their website to diagnose your problems when your on the phone. If you call in to ask what kind of xxxx is on my mobo? What kind of HDD do I have? What kind of this that or the other, 9 out of 10 times they tell you they will have to get back to you and never do. 5 years ago I would have told anyone who wanted to buy a computer that was pre-built to go with Dell. But these days, they've gone down the toilet. Michael Dell sits up in his corner office (It's in Dell #1 and the #1 is right above his office BTW) and he actually will come down to cuss people out who are smoking outside in front of their building during their breaks. WTF is that? The guys worth a gazillion bucks and he's got nothing better to do than cuss out his own employees for burning a butt on their break? The only reason my best friend still works their is cause they pay really well if you can keep your head down and your mouth shut. But yes, they do buy cheap stuff these days. Better than most pre-built companies. But your still better off building your own.


    Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.
    --Albert Einstein
  42. I totally second what you say re: Dell. I have an older Dell - they were decent back then, but tech support, etc has gone down the tubes. Most of the time, you get a tech from Bombay now - they may know stuff, but it's so hard to cut through the accents. Try calling customer service - you get in a loop and never get through. A couple of choice points: (re: Dell)
    1. New PC's don't ship with an XP CD (OEM or anything from MS) - you get a boot disk and a resource CD only.
    2. Their flagship 8200 series features rambus memory and only 2 DIMM slots - if you wanted 256 K and planned to buy memory sticks cheaper elsewhere - you'd have to 2 128 sticks to toss.
    3. Check their power supply - minimal - underpowered.
    4. And yea - their mobo's are totally a nightmare.

    I have never built a computer - but I will now - even if it costs me hundreds more - Dude, no more Dell!

    But Officer, I wasn't speeding - I was qualifying ...
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