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Greetings, I've got a linksys hub and am having trouble setting my computer up to it. I've plugged in everything, done everything the 'how to' this site says, yet it doesnt work. When I try and access the internet through the hub, it doesnt work. However simply unplugging the cord from my computer to the hub, and rerouting the cord from my computer directly to the modem, the internet works fine. Can anyone tell me what my problem is? any help appreciated.
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  1. Need a little more info. Are you using a hub or a router/switch combo like the befr41 ? If using the router/switch you need to set up its built in firewall. If your just using a hub I think you have to use some sort of internet connection sharing. I use the befr41 and it was a little more expensive but very easy to set up and has never had a problem. I use a broadband connection and liked the firewall protection. However by the time you read this my connection may be shut down good luck.

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  2. What kind of hub is it. I had a 10/100 auto sensing hub that I let by dad have. The problem with it was if one pc auto senses at 10MB and the other at 100MB the two devices wouldn't see each other. I had to force the PC connecting at 100MB to run at 10MB for the two pc's to see each other. A switch on the other hand does not have this problem and is faster as well.
  3. First, do you have link lights on both the NIC and the hub (and the Cable modem for that matter)?

    Secondly, the cable modem may be caching the MAC address of the PC and not allowing another device to grab an IP address (the "hub") - I'm assuming you're talking about a cable DSL router. Anyway, just power cycle the cable modem, then power cycle the "hub" and if this is your problem it should be fixed. If not, more info is needed.

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