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I am giving my old computer to a relative and I want to make sure it is in the cleanest and newest state possible. This system is a Pentium Classic 166 MHz and has a 4 MB video card (ISA), Novell NE2000 Compatible Network Card, Rockwell 56K modem and sound blaster card. It has a 850MB HDD set as Master and a 1.8 GB HDD as the slave and a CD ROM as the Secondary Master. It has a really old BIOS that doesn't support the larger file systems, so I had to install the 1.8 GB drive with Maxtors special overlay device.

Now I want to clean up they system by reinstalling windows 98, but I don't know if it would be safe to format or repartition the hard drives. Any advice in this upgrading procedure would be helpful.

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  1. get partion magic and repartion the harddisk and then format the partion with the os... partition magic it make life so much easier...

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  2. You can also use the Maxblast software to partition and format the drive.

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