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Windows 7 Boot Error

I have been having a problem with booting in windows, and I think it might have something to do with an incomplete system restore (due to a conflict with Avira I've surmised). Anyway, it won't even boot to Safe mode.

When it tries to boot to safe mode, it scrolls through all of the core drivers and stops at CLASSPNP.SYS.

Does this mean that this is the troublesome driver, or that the next driver in the list is?

Anyway, does anyone know how to find the list (and order) of drivers that have to load to boot into safe mode?

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  1. If its having major troubles you could try doing a repair with the install disk.
  2. On that same menu where you entered Safe Mode you should have the option to Repair Your Computer. Selecting this will provide you with 7's built in diagnostic tools for bootup issues. Have the wizard scan for problems and automatically perform any needed repairs. Reboot and see if 7 will boot normally again.
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    Thanks for the advice but I actually found out that it was an overheating problem that kept my computer from booting up. Doggone Prescott series CPUs!
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