Computer still reads old windows 7 install

Hi people. I was wondering if anyone would know how to get rid of an old windows install from appearing in the computer start up screen.

I recently had a harddrive redundancy issue and I replaced the harddrive with a new SSD drive, but after installing the new SSD with windows 7, it seems like my computer still see my old windows 7 install from the previous harddrive which is removed from my computer tower. I don't understand how or why the computer can still see it, if you choose the second windows7 boot option it doesn't work, you just get another black screen asking you to boot with the windows install CD.

I find it inconvenient that I have to select the first windows 7 choice before windows starts up, especially since I was hoping my new SSD would give me a lightning quick start up. Does anyone know how I could get rid of the second windows choice which is no longer valid?

Edit: I should probably mention that I have two additional harddrives, but both are used for storage only, they were never used as a system drive ever.
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    Run: winconfig

    Remove the entry for the old OS
  2. plus one for scotteq!
  3. Thanks to Scotteq, my computer now boots in about 20seconds. SSD kicks ass!
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