I have a microsoft keyboard 7000 wirerless which I think is a peace of crap. I have a Microsoft keyboard 4000 which isn't much better. Can anyone recommend a good keyboard?
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  1. Do you still require a wireless keyboard.? If yes then check out the Logitech wave wireless keyboard.. Personally, i would recommend getting a quality wired keyboard.. Such as the Logitech G15.. You may not need or use all of its features but its an awesome keyboard with an excellent build quality and design which would run for a very long time..
  2. I'm like you a wired one is better but the G15 is not like the natural microsoft keyboard which I have used for the last 20 years. I can't understand why Microsoft makes such crappy keyboards but I'm stuck with that crack natual. I know some other makers sell them so I might just take a chance and get one from another maker.
  3. Definitely wired is the best same as mice.
    I've had a Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 for years no complaints and the keys are pretty quiet.
    I've seen these for $10 on sale.
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