Recovery of data from corrupted lenovo L412 laptop hard disc

hi friends,
will you tell how to recover from my laptop hard disk. after working properly, suddenly it stop working, after restart of laptop, it stop working. and it show error sector 0 hard disk. will you tell me how to recover my data from the hard disk.
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  1. Much depends on how bad your HDD failed. Does it still appear in BIOS (Setup)?
    If so it may be possible to boot your Laptop from a disk or a USB device to see if there are any readable files on your HDD. Recommend Ubuntu, you can download the ISO from here
    Choose 'Not now,take me to download'
    Once you have the ISO you can burn it to a disk or create a bootable USB with unetbootin
    Then change the boot order of your Laptop to DVD or USB whichever suits. Your laptop will then boot from the selected media without having to install, and you can then look for your files from the Ubuntu desktop, and recover them to an external HDD or flash drive
  2. jeasonloffman said:
    Same problem here, will try the suggestion.

    Otherwise you can purchase a SATA to USB Caddy and read off your data from another PC or even your failed laptop once repaired.
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