3.2Ghz P4 @ 800FSB Heatsink question

I just took delivery of six of them, all oem but I need to stick a fan on them.
I want to keep to genuine intel ones and have some from a 2Ghz S478 Celeron. Will that do? Are they a one size fits all temps design?

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  1. I dont think the clerons fan will cut it...it will fit...but prolly not cool well enough...

    If you are not overclocking...you could give it a try...just watch the temps...if they go over 55c full load then you need to invest in a new heatsink...

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  2. The later P4 sinks have a copper core, more cooling area, and a faster fan. You'll likely run into heat problems.

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  3. You bought 6, 3.2C. Wow you must have big money? Are you going to OC any of these puters your building?
  4. Zalman CNPS 7000 is a good value
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