Who can let me know where this hdmi to 8 rca cable can be used?

Hi, Who can let me know where this cable can be used? i want to know the name of device. As i know not have any chip in this cable. Thanks

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  1. Well... it looks like an HDMI to analog converter. It could probably be used on any device that has an HDMI port (computer, DVD, cable/satellite set top box).

    -Wolf sends
  2. but this cable withou any chip inside, you know hdmi is digital signal, but rca is analog, can not convert directly, this cable should be work for specail device which can covert the digital to signal like hd dvd or set top. I want to know the model of the device. Thanks.
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    LOL... Google is your friend

    HD-E766 HDMI Converter HDMI to YPbPr/VGA HD HDTV BOX

    -Wolf sends
  4. yes, this is the cable , but i still don't know which device this cable can work on.
  5. Quote:
    NOTE 2: Unidirectional HDMI in to 3 RCA, 5 RCA Or S-video out
    To use this cable, your display must be a high definition display. The cable doesn't own the chip to convert digital signals to analog signals, so it only fits for the devices which itself can convert digital signals to analog signals for example STB (Set Top Box) , this listing is for the 3 RCA or 5 RCA Component or S-video+2.5mm female port Adapter Cable only. The convertor is not included!! Please be sure you get this cable before purchasing, thanks.

    NOTE 3:If the cable can not work on your device, we can refund you but you must send the cable back to us firstly.

    This cable only support to connect HD Player to TV,Can't support to connect computer to TV. It only can transmit HDMI to RCA and it cannot transmit RCA to HDMI.

    Please make sure you know where this cable can be used before you buy Thanks.

    A premium high performance quality HDMI- RCA cable suitable for use in HDTV, Home Theater systems, and all other HDMI to RCA or s-video supported appliances

    Please kindly note: your video output device must support both analog and digital signal conversion and output function. Please consult with your video output device's user manual for more information.

    So in other words, set top boxes, home theater systems and maybe an XBox.

    -Wolf sends
  6. No Wolf, it doesn't work like that. Sorry.

    To the original poster. I don't know of any consumer device on the market that this would work with. Most likely it is for some kind of special card for computer or something. Either that or the entire thing is a gimick to get people's money. I'm thinking the latter is very likely.
  7. i know the cable can not work for xbox 360 or ps3, but it works for hdtv dvd player or set top box, i only want to know which model can be used it.
  8. No DVD player or set top box I know of will - that includes Directv, Dishnetwork, Comcast boxes (all of them). No DVD/Bluray players from LG, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Oppo, Denon, and Onkyo.

    Again, I find it HIGHLY unlikely that cable will work with any DVD/Bluray player on the market - unless it's some off-the-wall Chinese brand (in which case I doubt the HDMI works as HDMI). And I know there is no set top boxes from service providers that it will work with. Not in the US anyway.
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  10. some of our customer purchase big quantity from us. But do not know where will be used :(
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