Best Earbuds for around $120

I'm looking for some awesome new earbuds for around $120, I'd go up to $150 but I really don't want to.

My last earbuds, Bose IE2, were amazing in my opinion. They were comfortable and had bass that I've never heard before. These were my first good earbuds, but they were stolen.

I've been looking around but haven't been able to find many reviews about each earbud. If anyone could recommend me some to save me from these annoying Apple ones, that would be great!

I'm an avid music fan and listen to all types. I'm looking for a good, comfortable, all around earbud with some good bass too.
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  1. try sennhesier IE6, i have the IE8 all the IE series by the sennhseisers, have incredible soundstage, the widest i have ever in my ENTIRE life, plus astonishingly deep bass. eveythtig else is what you would expect if not more, for the price of the earphones.
  2. I got tired of the earbud wires getting caught on everything so I went with wireless earbuds. Sony makes some nice ones and they come with a bluetooth adapter if you don't have one on your phone. It's pretty easy to link up to your phone. here's a tutorial How to Make Wireless Earbuds
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