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I failed dual booting windows 7 with ubuntu and now windows 7 wont wor

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April 5, 2010 3:33:49 PM

because i need help so badly i'm going to give you a walk thought of exactly what i did:
ok first i rebooted the computer and booted from the ubuntu disk onto installation and when to the choose partition part. when i was there I noticed that all my free space was labelled unusable.

I then saw that at the top of the list there was a partition in my drive that was 1 mb big so i deleted it, when i deleted this partition all the free space that was unusable because usable and a created a partion from it that was a "ext4 journaling file system", 12 gb big and put the mount point as / solely because that what it said on the dual booting guide.

After that the installation went smoothly and ubuntu worked, however i rebooted the computer to find to my surprise 6 boot options these were :
- ubuntu, linux 2.6.31-14-generic
- ubuntu, linux 2.6.31-14-generic (recovery mode)
- Memory test (memtest86+)
- Memory test (memtest86+, serial console 115200)
- Windows vista (loader) (on /dev/sda2)
- Windows 7 (loader) (on /dev/sda3)

(This was surprising to me because windows vista has never been installed on this computer as I got it last christmas and came preinstalled with windows 7)

After seeing this i chose the windows 7 option because i wanted to check if it was ok and it came up with a message saying windows failed to start and gave me the option of either launching startup repair or trying to launch windows normally. This is when i knew something wasnt right so i clicked launch up repair.

It then came up with system recovery options which were restore your computer using a system image that you created earlier or use recovery tools that can help fix problems...

I chose to use recovery tools because i didnt know to do on the first option, I then went through the options 1 by 1:

START UP REPAIR: i opened start up repair and a load bar came up but soon after it said start up repair cannot repair this computer automatically and only gave me the option to send error to microsoft(which never helps).

I then clicked on system restore which came up with an error message saying "to use system restore you must specify which windows installation to restore. restart this computer, select an operating system and then select system restore" which i didnt really know what to do with

Next i clicked System Image recovery, this came up with an error message stating "An internal error occurred. The following information might help you resolve the error: the system cannot find the file specified. (0x80070002)

Next Memory diagnostics which gave the options to "restart now and check for problems" or "check for problems the next time i start my computer"I clicked both of them and they both said there was an error preventing them from blah blah blah blah. telling me to boot from the windows installation disk which i dont have because it came preinstalled.

I then had a futile go at command prompt, I managed to get the windows 7 setup up but this said " a require cd/dvd drive device is missing. if you have a driver floppydisk, cd, dvd or usb flash drive please insert it now" which i didnt know what to do with.

I then clicked on the last option acer erecovery management which came up with a error saying " The exception unknown software exception (0xc000000d) occurred in the application at the location 0x800a37f4. click on ok to terminate the program"

Sorry for the boring explanation but i dont know what to do from here i'd really apprieciated your suggestions. As i said before I do not posses windows 7 disk as it came pre installed and i did not back up because i thought i did not have anything i was scared to lose. So if you have any ideas that i could try please please please post back, i am not scared of losing anything that was actually on my hardrive i just merely want to not have to buy windows 7 again everything else is replaceable. Thanks.

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