Intel says Prescott to get new stepping

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  1. Glad to here it. It gets hot enougth in here already.
  2. I want to see popey in this thread

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  3. I don't see why they even needed to call it a new stepping. To me, a stepping would be after the release of the product, as a way to enhance. Since Prescott is not out, I don't understand why even say they're switching and updating steppings. Kinda like ATi affirming it is cancelling the R400's design and advancing it, now calling it R420. It's ridiculous. The only people who know there will be change to the architecture are the people inside ATi. Telling us this and changing model numbers is just pointless IMO, if you see what I mean.

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  4. What no poopey yet?
  5. Don't know why. I'm still waiting for his post

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    <b><A HREF="" target="_new">My Rig & 3DMark score</A></b>
  6. i am not speaking about prescott anymore

    its a worn out topic

    lets move on.... i will wait till the official delay date b4 i comment further
  7. Aw Pope, we're really going to miss your PRESS<b>H</b>OTT bashing! :lol:

    My OS features preemptive multitasking, a fully interactive command line, & support for 640K of RAM!
  8. Scotty on fast track to be released on target date.
  9. I think what they are saying is that scotty will be released at 103 watts and the stepping will be when they lower that.
  10. Actually, they must inform us about this because it's known that prescott runs very hot... why? I don't know. But if they say nothing about that we will have the idea of prescott=hot and that's not what they want. So... telling us they are working on it means that the final product will run cooler that what've been said.
    If this is not the reason... they want us not to forget about Prescott.
    god damnit, by the time I buy my new 2.4C they'll release this new prescott and my computer will be old again!!!
  11. What are you waiting for!!!! Buy the 2.4C all ready I did.
  12. HardwareBoss, maybe on September the 30th. I have one month to convince my father... I'm sure I'll have no problems.

    How is your 2.4C running? Which mobo did you buy?
  13. Love it OC it to 3.0. Mobo Abit IS7 Ram HyperX PC 3500. Case Antec 1080 AMG with 430 watt PSU True Power.
  14. God... I can't wait... but I'll have to. Maybe 30 days more...
    Thanks for the info HardwareBoss!!

    I'll see your mobo specs and availability here in Argentina.
  15. Nice system you've put together Man.

    Well, I didn't think that was gonna happen!!!
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