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Is it possible to load Windows XP on a Toshiba laptop using the CD Key currently on the computer but using an XP disk from elsewhere? To put it another way, I am cleaning up a computer for someone who does not have any of the disks and I dont want to give them my CD key.
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  1. if your xp disc is an oem xp, i dont think it will work with any of those branded laptop CD-key..
  2. You can use the CD-key on any notebook for that specific notebook only. If your XP disc is the OEM version, you will be able to install XP with the CD-key on the bottom of any given notebook to that notebook only. If you have a retail version of the CD, it will tell you your key is invalid during setup.

    You can torrent an OEM disc if you need one. There's nothing illegal in doing so.
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