How does laptop HP hdx 16t with Nvidia 130m 1gig dedicated stand up when it comes to gaming - is it a top gaming rig or a mid gaming rig and how does it stand up against the top gaming desktops?

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  1. that must be a rebadged 9600 GT. it also has an ok dual core.

    based on the video card it will be an alright laptop for gaming, but it will not play games at the highest settings, you should be able to play a fair amount of games though (mostly older ones i.e. 2008 and older, it should play these games pretty well).

    it cant even dream about touching the top gaming desktops.

    all and all its not too bad, even i played oblivion which is an older game yes but i played it on a 7400m.
  2. thanks - how would you compare it to a PS3 - would a PS3 have better graphics and be more suitable for gaming?
  3. PS3 has substantially better graphics, even though its GPU is only equivalent to the 7800, the PS3 is a dedicated gaming machine with no other real main function (though some disagree) and has therefore been optimized for gaming. the slim edition has had more graphical software updates to it, and performs a bit better than the normal PS3.
  4. even though the laptop is 1080p (even though i don't think it would be able to run the new games at that setting) seems most Ps3 games are only 720p - does this make a major difference? I have uncharted 2 on my phat PS3 and the graphics are breathtaking - could the HP laptop mentioned produce such graphics?
  5. i would have to say since it has vista on it.. no. the operating system is what is going to cause what would be great graphics to go bad, this is because of background processes running with the game. and in vista you double memory usage for each application you have open, its really shitty.

    also even though the laptop is 1080p and the game supports 1080p doesn't mean the graphics card is going to be able to keep up with the graphics requirements at higher settings. because of this it will not look as good as the PS3 as well. It will probably play it, albeit at lower settings.
  6. requiemsallure said:
    i would have to say since it has vista on it.. no. the operating system is what is going to cause what would be great graphics to go bad, this is because of background processes running with the game. and in vista you double memory usage for each application you have open, its really shitty.

    This is not true. The operating system will not produce anywhere near the performance hit having a lower-end GPU like is in place here. Vista also does not double your memory usage - it simply uses memory differently than XP and OSs of the past. It will free that extra memory it uses if you need it.

    Vista is an excellent OS, and you should learn how it operates before you put it down.
  7. ok it does not double it for application open however, it does increase it substantially per application open, for 2 applications open it is double the memory usage of 1 application, for 3 applications open it triples the memory usage of 1 application open, 4 applications open takes a lesser hit, but after that it is back to the normal trend. other os's windows 7 for example uses little to no extra memory per application open, and xp is similar.

    I'm sorry i cannot agree with you that vista is an excellent OS, i use it at work and its the worst experience I've ever had in my life.
  8. Both Vista and 7 incorporate Superfetch. Yes, they increase the amount of memory reserved for the application, but the memory can be freed for use by you when you need it - in other words, it isn't actually used. This is a common misconception with both OS's "hogging" memory that simply isn't true.
  9. Forget the OS! how does in compare to PS3? thanks for you help Requiemsallure.
  10. The PS3 will look better, assuming you have an HD TV - the notebook's hardware just isn't strong enough. The notebook can do many more things than game, however.

    If you're really looking for a more powerful gaming machine, you're going to have to put much more money into the equation than what the HP costs.
  11. I have a Toshiba regza 32inch 1080p my brother has the laptop in question and we have been arguing for weeks to which has the better graphics, i agree that it is a very good laptop with sharp graphics yet they look very dull and colorless to me - we have a couple of games that we share PES 2010 and GTA4 and in my un-trained eye they both run and look better on my PS3 (i have a fat PS3 80gig) am i right? my brother uses all sorts of programs to minimize back ground programs and all that (im no expert).
  12. They probably do. Like I said, the notebook doesn't have quite the horsepower of a true PC gaming machine - most of which leave the PS3 in the dust for graphics.

    Notebooks, however, are not very good at gaming, being made to be low-power and portable; you're comparing apples to oranges here. A more fair comparison would be between a PS3 and a typical gaming desktop, which would probably be fairly matched, perhaps the PC slightly leading. Stronger PCs will outstrip the PS3.

    Considering he can take his HP anywhere much easier, I think he got the better end of the deal.
  13. thanks for your opinion - i fully agree that top gaming desktops are better than a PS3.
  14. hp hdx can play all the top games on high to medium settings with a mid range resoultion no problems at all its also running a directx10 graphic card and if iam correct the ps3 use the opengl 1.1 which is almost compaired to directx 9 and checking threw the internet also found out that grand theft auto 4 on both consoles runs at a lower resolution and medium settings so for gaming i would agree consoles are better but i disagree that consoles have better graphics then the hp hdx 16t
  15. Telboy 74 claims that HP hdx 16t with GeForce GT 130m 1 gig GDDR2 dedicated dual core has better graphics and is better for gaming than the PS3 - anyone agree?
  16. ...I thought we covered pretty well that this isn't true, which is aside from the fact that the two really aren't comparable.
  17. Does tellboys directx and opengl argument make any sense? He's seems to be comparing the PS3 to another PC in my opinion.
  18. It doesn't with respect to this notebook. Sure, the software on the notebook is much better than that of the PS3...but what's the point? They notebook doesn't have the horsepower to use the features that software offers.
  19. i think your very mistaken there so your saying they put a directx10 card into this model and it cant even be used because it doesnt have the horsepower i think a intel centrino 2 and gt130m cpu and also running a 64bit operation system says it has the power http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hMqGoWvkD4
    check the link out crysis on high settings on a hp hdx 16t
  20. ...it's running at 10 fps...that's dreadful.

    Aside from it being a youtube video, what does Crysis prove anyway? That isn't even on the PS3. There really isn't a way to give a fair comparison between the two.


    This list, much more reliable than a youtube video, places the 130 below the age-old 7950GTX.
    Does this really matter that much? I can't see it being much more than a sibling fight between who's better, and unless you've the resources to do an actually scientific study, I really think this question is useless.
  21. thanks frozenlead...my arguments about the whole issue end here.
  22. everybody knows that crysis is the most demanding game so my point is that most computers cant even run crysis on medium settings so the simple fact is that the hp hdx16t does have the horsepower and of course the old age 7950gtx does have a better perfomance and speed rate then the gt130m but the simple fact is that the gt130m is a directx10 card and the old 7900gtx is a directx9 card so like i said the playstaion 3 is better for perfomance and gaming but like i said the hp hdx 16t can do better graphics anyway enough said and just to point the fact out i do run crysis on my laptop its automatic settings puts the graphic on high not very high and with a mid range resolution the game runs fine as for many other demanding games anyway like you said the only real answer to this question would be a scientific study
  23. ...it's running at 10 fps...that's dreadful.
  24. he is usings fraps.com to record it everybody knows that slows the framerate down and high runs around 20 frps supose crysis is on the gt130m is set to medium with a mid range resoulution which still out perfoms the ps3 because they couldnt even get the game to run on a console because lack of memory and directx10 features anyway enough said this subject is BORING
  25. ...it's running at 10 fps...that's dreadful. lol

    ...lack of horsepower...lol
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