50' hdmi cable to epson 8350 no signal

i ran a 50' hdmi cable from wall plate to ceiling mounted projector. Getting no signal from blu ray when it is on home screen; only get a picture if and when movie starts; cant see menus to select the movie to play; tried a signal booster with no change. works fine if i connect the blu ray to projector directly with 6' hdmi, however it is not practical for me to mount the blu ray near projector....receiver and other components are approx 35' of cable away. any suggestions?
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  1. It sounds like either a bad cable, or a cable that isn't the correct spec. Have you tried a different cable? Cheaper HDMI cables work well for short lengths, where interferrence, and other things don't come into play. HDMI's Maximum certified cable length is 49 feet, with a category 2 spec (better shielding and such) The Maximum length of a category 1 spec is about 16 feet.

    My experience with HDMI boosters is about 50%. They either work well, or they don't work at all.
  2. Long HDMI cables can be tricky but it if you are not having any problems after the movie starts playing then I would also try a different Bluray player or try adjusting the video menu on the player. If you can eliminate the wall plate to directly connect I would try that as well.
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