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I have a P4 1.7GHz with 256 MB RDRAM on an Intel 850MD motherboard.

the motherboar supports the 478pin mPGA 400MHz CPU and I'm wondering if the newer 2.26GHz 478pin mPGA 533MHz with 512KB Cache at 0.13 Micron will work or if I'll have to change a mobo.

off the topic my monitor is showing the top 1,5 cm of the screen kind of wavy. I'm running it at the lowest refresh rate (60MHz) and at 1024x724 resolution. If I decrease the resolution at 640x480 the problem is fixed. Is it the graphics card or the monitor??
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  1. sounds like monitor to me...

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  2. that chipset doesn't support anything over a 400mhz FSB.

    yeah, i also say its the monitor. its prolly 10 years old or something.

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  3. I think you'll need a 400 bus processor, the 2.4 with 400 bus is fairly common.

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