How can I make old surround sound speakers into computer speakers

I only have the speakers (Just diaphragm and driver) , they are not hooked up together in any way. I have salvaged them to make computer speakers, but how do I amplify them, and where do I start?
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  1. a good place to start..
    all audio amplifiers are willing to receive a preamp signal from a soundcard or mp3 player or some output from a dvd player or cd changer.
    they are low levels of voltage, and the amplifier takes those and turns those voltages into higher voltages.

    there are two types of preamp signals.. balanced and unbalanced.
    unbalanced is the most commonly used connection.
    balanced is a bit more involved, so there are benefits to using the connection type.

    when you say you have the diaphragm.. what do you mean by the word 'diaphragm' ?
    some would call it the cone, and others would call it the voice coil and former.
    and perhaps some would call it the entire cone and voice coil and former glued together.
    which is it?

    some would call the magnet the driver.
    and some would call a voice coil the driver.
    you need the spider and the surround to keep the voice coil from self-destructing by rubbing against anything.
    it would be some seriously high technological example of craftsmanship to see a functional speaker without any need for a spider or surround on the edge of the cone.
    the voice coil would need to be clamped with electricity.
    kinda like having one amp hooked up normally.. and then a second amp hooked up backwards.
    the amp hooked up backwards is only to provide the cone much more ability to stop and prevent the coil from spitting out of the magnet.

    these uber speakers could exist.. but if you twisted the cone, the voice coil wouldnt sit in the magnet right.
    it might not float anymore.. or the speaker simply wont sound as good as it did before it was twisted.

    amplifiers are easy to find.
    some require 12 volts (car amps) and some require 120 volts (house amp)
    some can flip between 120 and 240 volts.
    as soon as the power goes into the amplifier.. that power will be stepped up or stepped down.
    (meaning the voltage will be forced to go down or boosted)
  2. How would I hook up the leads to the speaker? all it is is a speaker!
  3. you have done a terrible job describing what you have in front of you.
    i can only guess you have a passive radiator.. and that is a speaker cone, spider, and basket.
    you are missing the magnet and the voice coil?
  4. I am not missing anything from the speakers...... I just want to know how to turn those two speakers into speakers for my computer. I just need to know what type of amp I need for 2x100 watt RMS speakers, and how to wire them, and how to connect amp to computer.
  5. connect amp to computer with an adaptor.
    usually the adaptor is a cord with the correct connector on each end.

    you need to know what the impedance of the speakers are to get the right amp.
    100 watts RMS at 4 ohms is only 50 watts RMS at 8 ohms.
    maybe you buy a 100 watt amp and only give the speaker 50 watts.
    a digital multimeter should get you started with the impedance when you connect the multimeter to the speaker tabs.

    maybe you get an old receiver off ebay that is only 2 channels.
    they still sell some newer 2 channel 'receivers' at the stores.
    but they are really only an amplifier with a radio tuner.

    the amplifier will connect to the soundcard, as you would expect from your knowledge gathered that brought you this far.
    the speakers connect to the amp.

    what SPECIFIC question do you want to know?
    there are articles and guides all over the internet about connecting an amplifier or a receiver to the computer.
    it is about as simple as computing 2 + 2 = 4

    plug them into the computer with an amplifier and they will become speakers for your computer ..?
    i dont see where you are having any trouble.
    if you are looking for amplifier classes and their differences, start here:
  6. freakyfruit said:
    I only have the speakers (Just diaphragm and driver) , they are not hooked up together in any way. I have salvaged them to make computer speakers, but how do I amplify them, and where do I start?

    If I understand what you are trying to have just simple speakers that you want to use for your computer?...I would just buy a really inexpensive receiver and connect it via Coax to your Mobo, or soundcard.
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