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I have an Abit NF7 motherboard and an Athlon XP 2400+. It says my mb supports Athlon XP Socket A with 200/266/333 MHz.
I was wondering if later I buy a 3000+ barten with 400MHz FSB will it work in my NF7 or do I have to get the 333 MHz version? Also I found out by some program that my motherboard supports up to 3000MHz, not sure if it meant Athlon 3000+ Because then i'd get a 3200+ if my MB supports it.
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  1. One more thing, can anyone guess when the 3000+ barton will cost around $80? It doesnt seem CPU processor prices are droping as quick as they used to.
  2. do you have revision 1 or the revision 2 of the nf7?

    The revision 2 supports 200mhz bus officially....

    revision 1 normally can't get much over 180mhz fsb...with stock chipset cooling

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  3. High-end AXP prices will significantly drop after Athlon 64 launch. But it will take some time for Barton 3000+ to drop at ~$80

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  4. Impossible to support 400FSB in normal mode,but in OC mode(possibly).
  5. no revision 2 supports 400mhz fsb...

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  6. Technically though, the 3000+ will work in ur motherboard, but if ur motherboard doesnt support that speed, then it will automatically be down-clocked, to say 166FSB.

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