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I have recently bought a Dell Studio 1555, whenever i transfer any files to my USB or vice versa, it takes a very long time. Could you please tell me the reason and the solution for it? thanks
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  1. What sort of files, i.e. are they large files or small files? If they are large files, it's just how it works with USB 2.0. It's not the fastest thing in the world.
  2. also, it may be the usb stick and not the actual usb port. download a piece of software called HDTUNE and benchmark the flash drive. look at the numbers, then benchmark ur hard drive and look at the difference. that will probably explain the reason by itself USB STICKS ARE SLOW AS HECK!!!
  3. I also have this problem. I have a Dell XPS 15 and it's not a problem with the flash drive, i've checked with a several flash drives and the problem remains
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