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How do you remove an Intel CPU and fan properly?

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August 30, 2003 9:31:12 PM


Sorry if my question is stupid, but I have managed to bend some pins on two processors when removing them from their sockets. These were a P4 2,0 ghz and a Celeron 1,7 ghz, socket 478s. The problem is that a new CPU gets stuck to the fan (because of that cooling stuff on the bottom of the fan that touches the CPU I guess, I forgot what it's called). So when I remove the fan it also forces the processor out at the same time. I'm wondering, what is the proper way to remove the fan and the CPU? I must obviously be doing it wrong right? How do you remove the fan properly without also pulling up the CPU at the same time?

Neither CPU actually broke, but it would still be nice to be safer when removing them. I'd really appreciate it if you can help me.

August 30, 2003 9:38:34 PM

Leave the holding clip for the CPU socket down and take off the fan Heat Sink Fan and then take the CPU out afterwards.

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August 30, 2003 9:43:46 PM

for starters, make sure you do not pull up the zif socket lever. when you are trying to remove the heatsink and fan from a cpu, do not pull in a straigh up motion. in fact, don't even pull on it. you must try to remove the heatsink with a twisting motion. once the heatsink is loose, you may pull it up and away from the CPU.

in some rare cases, the manufacturer will use a type of glue that also transfers heat. in those cases, you have no other option than to release the zif socket lever and pull the whole thing off.

good luck. i hope i answered your question.

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August 31, 2003 11:21:49 AM

And how do you get the glue off? Or do you?

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August 31, 2003 5:37:59 PM

in most cases you can. you just have to use some common sense and see if the chip you are trying to remove the heat sink from can handle the abuse. in some rare cases, the pins in the chip will not put up with the force.

now in most cases, you can remove the heat sink safely. the twisting technique will not work for this situation. inspect it, then you may use something like a razor blade and start from the weakest point. the weakest point being the part with the least amount of glue. use the razor blade as a wedge.

trying to cut through the glue is not an efficient way to do this, so just play with it and go around the heat sink doing the same thing. eventually, it'll pop off.

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