So...What to get? the challenge

Hi peeps,

I've been looking at monitors on and off now for over a week and I'm getting a little frustrated with conflicting reviews or no reviews at all.

My scope is quite large (which isn't helping the situation) so I'm looking between 24 inch with 1080p or 26 with 1920x1200. My price point is between £200 and £400.

So I've been looking at Samsung (2494HM) and Iiyama, but open to options. I want good response, viewing angles and video. So I game a little and watch videos as well as office work, so I need a good all-rounder.

Any suggestions or good sources of info would help loads? I'm also concerned about the date of some reviews, as I'm reading good reviews from back in 2008 and they seem irrelevant? So any advice is more than welcome.


On another note, I did find this its very comprehensive, but flooded with info.
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  1. NEC MultiSync EA231WMi
    For your budget, this would be an excellent option (might actually be an overkill for your needs)..

    Samsung SyncMaster P2370HD
    If you want a more sleek looking and feature rich monitor..
  2. Nice one,

    I'll check them out.

  3. the NEC EA231WMi doesn't seam to have good response and I read its blurry on motion and the Samsung P2370HD is also blurry, please correct me if I'm wrong.

    I'm still stuck on the Samsung 2494HM and cannot find anything better for more money?
  4. Well the NEC uses an IPS panel and thus will give out the best pictures.. If user reviews have suggested it to be blurry then all the reasons for you to steer clear of it.. I can't believe the Samsung monitor to be blurry though but then again, i do not wish to question your research.. For the budget you've, you should definitely be looking for a high end display (one with IPS panel).. If you can extend your budget a little more then I've two more choices for You'. Namely the HP LP2475W and the Dell U2410 (the HP model being my personal favourite)..
  5. Its funny you should say that. I've found two sources of info for the NEC EA231WMi, one says its good on response and rates it very very highly. The other says its pritty crap for response and is blurry. I've found the former reviewer to be more reliable in the past, so thanks for the suggestions.

    Again its funny you should say that. I was looking into the HP LP2475w and Dell U2410 as well as the (put the house up for sale) U2711. I'm now leaning towards the HP, so your reassurance is positive.

    Things are coming clear, so thanks for the suggestions... More is also welcome
  6. Samsung is better one.
  7. Quote:
    Samsung is better one.

    JLo, please expand on your experience and knowledge of Samsung. I've seen you post in other threads about this without detail. Which specific models are superior and why?
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