Qusetion.......I have the "Roku" unit and have found out that it's not what I thought it would be. I have it hooked up for Wi-Fi, but if I want to see streaming Films like off of "Netflix" it always stops, regroups itself, and then continuse on. And I Broadband's down load is 11.30 & my upload is 0.95 which I believe is higher than most. Also there's nothing "LIVE" except if you pay for a "Sport Package" which you then can see live. Everything else is taped delayed. Now I don't watch Television offten at all. I just mainly use it for Blu-Ray Films that I get from Netflix. But it would be nice if I could get something hooked up where I could the "News" channels Live without paying for cable or a dish....Is there anything out there like that?? Also one last note. Is Roku the best device out there for what it dose, or is there anything else that dose the job Much better....

Thank You
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