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trying to get music playback from my laptop to come through on my dvd home theatre system, it only has aux in and audio input available, the audio is white, aux in is red and both are s/pdif's. my laptop has lots of ins outs etc but no s/pdif. just a bit lost as to the best way forward.
please help!!

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  1. It sounds like you're confusing standard left and right RCA connections with a coaxial SPDIF connection. Generally digital connections have their connectors black, not red or white.

    If so, you can get a standard 3.5mm headphone jack converter cable to dual RCA, like this:
  2. excellent, i think you are right, i googled connections before writing my previous post, at that time the nearest thing i could find were s/pdif's.

    having just looked through my realtek device manager options ive dicovered i have hdmi out and something that looks similar to an ethernet connection only wider!

    does this change anything, presuming that i have the connections on my dvd player that you previously described!?
  3. It depends on your setup. If your AV receiver has an HDMI in and output, and your TV has HDMI input, you can use the HDMI connection to carry both audio and video.

    Else, you can always output video however you were doing it before, and then use the RCA-stereo cable I linked to.
  4. do i have to involve the tv?
    i just want to play music from the laptop directly through my stereo, which is the dvd home theatre system.
  5. apologise for being a bit out of the loop on all this stuff, just not my area of expertise.

    your help is appreciated.
  6. No, you don't have to include the TV. You should also be able to port just audio through HDMI.

    Don't worry about being out of the loop - that's what the forum is here for.
  7. you need a headhone stereo to rca adapter cable like this:
    find it at walmart, bestbuy etc if in the USA.
  8. Hi..

    I wanted to use my dvd home theater's speakers for my laptops audio. I just bought 1 portable audio cable with 1 end connects to the laptop and on the other end, 1 red and white jack. I tried to connect it on the back of the dvd player but its not working or maybe I place it incorrectly. my home theater has 5 small speakers and 1 sub woofer connected on the back of the dvd player. Can you help me guys with this.

    Thank you
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