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I am currently looking at buying a quality headset, as I am tired of searching for crappy earbuds around my house to listen to movies at night. I am also tired of using the Playstaion Eye as my mic for PS3.

So, I have finally decided to spend the cash and buy a new headset, to act as my device for listening to music, movies, games, everything. I need it to be compatible with PC and PS3, as there is no point having to buy 2 headsets for either platform. I have done some research, and I have come to some points, and I would love suggestions for others. My budget is around $60 USD. I can go higher, if my friend decides to combine shipping with me, but that's another matter. It cannot be USB connection only, as that will not work with my PS3 (unless it is specified, then I would be happy to consider it)

Creative Fatal1ty MKII -

I like this model because of the price point, the brands reputation, and the good reviews. It has 3.5mm connectors, so paired with a good sound card would provide the best sound. To use with the PS3, I would need to buy a USB to 3.5mm sound card (like this - to connect the mic to the PS3, then have an audio extension cable to connect the headphones to the audio output.


This model has the USB to 3.5mm adapter already included, so that's a bonus. It has 'surround audio' which is also a bonus. I will still need to purchase an audio extension cable, but that's only <$5. Some reivews comment on the lack of strength, which may be a problem.

My personal favorite (mostly because it's on sale), is the Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Sigma -

These look to be the best value for money at this price point, but reviews seem iffy.

What do you guys think? I'm open to suggestions.

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