My acer aspire 4315 will not load after the acer logo blue screen says please wa

Hello,i have an acer aspire 4315 that will not boot anything after the acer logo. the green screen says please wait and nothin happens. is there anything i can do for this laptop problem?
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  1. Did you try the restore disk?
  2. i could not find mine, so i download a cd. still nothing the only display i can get is f2 and e recovery display that gives me options to boot through f8 or f12...all of the options that i tried had the same green display..its like i have no windows vista. when loading in safe mode, some drives seem to be loading,, but then it stops and goes green and wait a moment i dont know much at all about this stuff i am trying soooo hard to fix without loseing lot of cash...i have heard that the motherboard could be tyhe cause or the hard drive...i dont really want to accept you think i might need to get a windows vista recovery disk, or some kind of windows fix disk..i would appreciate any advice
  3. Could be a faulty hard drive????

    If you have access to another computer, download and burn the Ultimate Boot CD.
    Then, place it in your CD/DVD drive and turn on the computer. The UBCD has a number of diagnostic programs that you can run to check your components. I would start with the HD diagnostics program.
  4. i tried that..if i try to boot with cd, i get a black screen that says system not found.. any suggestions or comments appreciated...
  5. I had an HP laptop that gave me the same F2, F8 options but would never goes beyond that. Turns out the HD was the culprit and I had to replace it. The only other suggestion I would have is to pull the HD, connect it to another computer with a USB to IDE/SATA connector to check it out.
  6. the words that i wanted to prove wrong...i aready have a quote to replace hard drive...i just wanted to make sure..i actually took my laptop to best buy to get there opinion...they say it is my motherload, and that is after they looked at it for one minute..around 3 hundred to fix they say...i will start with the hard drive, and go from there...i am thinking that it is time for a new computer...thanks
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    Good luck. I don't blame you for being skeptical about the Best Buy diagnosis.

    If you're looking for another laptop, Lenovo and Dell are probably the most reliable.
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  9. hey/
    , it is not over until it is OVER.. I will have some input in a day or sohopefully positive.... if not then see ya later i hope that i am right..../
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