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I have a DENON receiver (AVR-1912) and I want to send the sound to a BOSE Cinemate 1SR sound bar. The bar only accepts RCA plugs (in addition to digital or optical) but my receiver only has connectors with speaker wires. I was planning to use the "Zone 2" feature of the receiver but again, only speaker terminals are the only output. Is there such a thing as speaker wire to "red and white" RCA jacks?
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  1. Yes, those do exist, but i couldn't ever recommend them for home audio use. They tend to do awful things to your sound, and i personally don't have enough experience with car audio to even guess if they're safe for home use.

    Unfortunately, you are just dealing with two pieces of equipment that just aren't going to jive .


  2. Well, i did find one thing that COULD work, but it really depends if you want to spend a chunk of money to MAKE it work. It also does assume your sources are HDMI.

    If you are using HDMI, you can use an HDMI to DVI & Audio conversion unit. This box takes a single hdmi, and outputs a DVI/HDMI, and Standard Left and right audio, which would go to your bose system.
    If you search around the web for the model number, i've seen them as cheap as 149
  3. MY HD Zenith TV has only one HDMI input. MY cable box uses HDMI and my DVD player uses HDMI is there any way to connect both so my wife doesn't have to unplug the cable and plug in the DVD ete,ete,ete???
  4. You can get an HDMI Switcher box, they're 50-100 bucks at any electronics store
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    If you want to connect the receiver zone 2 to the soundbar then you need a speakers to line level (RCA L/R) adapter such as this
    It will work just fine.
  6. Are you comfortable with the sound quality, i have never heard a home version, but the 12v versions suck, they're full of interference, and the volume fluctuates badly.
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