Hp laptops erro r in logging into windows 7

I need help in logging into my windows 7 on my laptop
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  1. what the problem?
  2. hmm, well judging from the information you supplied:
    -you are having trouble logging into your laptop
    -you are not tech savy
    -you have a windows 7 laptop
    -you may or may not be encountering an error

    IDK about you, but that is not enough for me to diagnose any problems or help you.
  3. try

    1) turn laptop on
    2) if prompted for a username and password enter those and hit enter
  4. We can't even verify that that's really your laptop, hence we can not help either way. We don't help people bypass logons, if that's what you're looking for. We also need more information, what do you need helo with exactly?

    Plus i can never understand how people can forget there logon to there own machine.
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