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Iam building my first pc and i need some info on buying pc parts. I have this list here but i dont know if its worth buying.Can u guys give me some ideas on the main parts like the Hard-Drive,Memory,motherboard,CD-Rom.Iam trying to get ready for Halflife 2 when its realesed

Microprocessor: Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 3.2GHz 800MHz FSB w/ 512KB Cache & HyperThreading

Motherboard: Intel® Desktop Board D875PBZ - Intel 875P Motherboard

Memory: Kingston 1 GB Kit HyperX DDR 434 MHz DIMM CL2

TrueBlue 480 Watt PSU 480 Watt ATX12V

Hard Drive: Maxtor 200 GB DiamondMax Plus 9 SATA

MSI i875P NEO-FIS2R HT Motherboard

Corsair XMS 1024 Meg PC-3500

80 GiG Seagate SATA 7200 RPM

Power Supply: Enermax Whisper 550 Watt Power Supply

Motherboard: Asus P4C800-E Deluxe i875P

CPU Cooler: Zalman Silent P4 CPU Cooler

Memory: Corsair TwinX 1024MB 3200LL-PT (2/512mb)

Hard Drive Controller: Promise FastTrak TX2000 ATA/133RAID Cont

Optical Drive 1: Sony 52X IDE CD-Rom

Hard Drive 1: WD800JB 80GB 7200RPM 8MB Cache PATA
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  1. If you're happy with Overclocking, you could save some cash and get a P4 2.4C or 2.6C, and overclock it to over 3Ghz.

    Are you asking us to pick from this list? or what? seems a little confused.

    U also have not mentioned the single most important part in a gaming rig - the graphics card.. current top-line ones are Radeon 9800Pro (Ati) or 5900 Ultra(Nvidia) [there's very little between them, but They've had a few problems with HL2 and Nvidia cards]

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  2. What I would pick would be somewhere along these lines...

    Mobo: Asus P4<b>P</b>800
    CPU : P4C 2.4Ghz
    RAM : Corsair XMS PC4000 512Mb (x2) = 1Gb
    Gfx : Radeon 9800

    And I would then overclock this system to somewhere over 3Ghz..

    If you don't want to Overclock, then I would get something like this:
    Mobo: Asus P4P800
    CPU : P4C 3.0Ghz (3.2 is not really worth the premium)
    RAM : Corsair XMS PC3200 512Mb (x2) = 1Gb
    Gfx : Radeon 9800

    If you're not overclocking, then it's pointless getting faster than PC3200 RAM, as you won't need the extra speed.

    Either of the PSUs you list would be fine, but I'm not sure if the Zalman silent cooler would be good enough for a high-end P4, you'll need something with a fan probably. if you get a cooler with a large fan it will be quieter.

    The end is nigh.. (For this post at least) :smile:
  3. I wanted to know if the parts that iam getting are any good and if iam better off getting something better then the one's i got on the list .So if you guys any ideas on something better it would be very helpfull for me.And no iam not overclockin her i dont know how and iam to scared ill blow [-peep-] up.Iam still deciding on the graphics card.
  4. What do you use your computer for? You are obviously after a fast system using cutting edge technology. Iam also guessing that price is not an issue here. These parts are all very good, my advice to you is if you want to benifit and get that extra 5 - 10% from your 800mhz front side bus you will have to set your 400mhz memory up in dual configuration. I'm sorry to say to you though that the information you are looking for will probably not come through this forum. I think you should check review sights and maybe buy some computer magazines as they will tell you more about the best setup using the latest technology. The reason being you will be getting the information first hand. Probably the most important thing you will have to consider is your motherboard as the rest of the setup is pretty easy to replace if you are not happy with the performance you are getting from your system. I know a few people who pay someone to reserch the latest and the greatest and also do the purchasing. This is a good option if you are a bit uncertain, chances are there will be some computer wizz aroung that will do some research for a few hundred bucks. If you let us know what you use your system for and your options you will get advice that is more specific to the point.

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  5. I have 1.8 ghz, gf ti4600, 512 ram and i love running my games all in high detail 32 bit 1600x1200.And with hl2 and other games coming out i know the machine i got now wont be able to run as pretty and smooth as i want it.So i want a high end machine for gaming.
  6. Read the ChipDeath comment!!!
    The video card is probably the most important component you have to choose!!!
    Read stuff in the graphics forum but right now the ATI based 9800Pro is looking good for you and DX9 gaming!

    You need power (a good PSU) and appropriate cooling (start with a decent case).

    With regard to the Intel processors that you were looking at or that people recommended anything "C" from 2.4GHz C and up.

    Memory is an important investment if you plan to overclock.

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  7. Since your not going to OC you don't need Zalman cooler.
  8. How soon before you buy? Intel next price drop 26 Oct.
  9. When hl2 comes out thats when iam going to start odering my parts and start building my first pc
  10. Please don't let this turn into another "can my computer run hl2/doom 3???!!!???" bonanza

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  11. Hey thanks for the info Boss, I was just getting ready to ask about the price drop(thinking it was Sep. 26).

    Isn't it going to be around a 30% across-the-board drop..or was it 35?

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  12. Not sure what percent. But 3.2C will be $400+ Down from there for the rest.
  13. Don't wait for HL2 to buy your rig man. It could be several months until it's ready ( I heard it got delayed, same with doom correct me if i'm wrong. The components you are looking at are top of the line and should handle anything that's going to be coming out, HL2 included.

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