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hey people,

I got a problem with installing winxp pro. I think the problem is SP1 that I probably downlaoded. When i tried to boot up, windows would not run and a blank screen came up with a message saying that a registry file is missing or corrupted. So what i did, to try to fix this problem, was to reinstall windows from scatch.

I formated my drive and put my PC to the bare-min(dvd-rom, floppy, video card, hard drive). First, I set my comp to boot from the cd-rom, so i can install WINxp directly. Didnot work.....installation kept on getting intrupted by error of missing .dll files. This didnt work for me so i went the long way.

My plan B was to install windos ME first,then update it to WINXP. This process worked before so i assumed it would work again. Installing ME gave me a hard time. ME was giving me the same problem that winxp was giving me and I never had this problem with ME before. After a couple tries of installing ME, it gave in and I was successful.

After that I began in installing WINXP. I got as far as reading the hardware for compatibility, but when winxp got ready for installation, it stopped. A funny looking window popped up and said that a setup file was missing. I was forced to quit the setup proccess.

Can anyone help?

Another question I have. When i had to install winME, i had to do it from a startup disk. I chose the option of start from dos with or without cd-rom support and something happened that i never before seen. It created a D drive that contained diagnosis tools. This D drive only held about 2MB of space, but i am wondering. Does this drive the reason for me not being able to install winxp?

If i wasnt clear on some stuff, just ask
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  1. I also had this problem. What I eneded up doing was just skipping the file, and then windows went into it's gui setup, and then when it needed them, it asked for the CD, and everything was all good. I am now at SP1 and haven't had a problem for about 5 months. Try skipping it, and see what happens. If that doesn't work, I don't know what to tell you. Worked for me!!
  2. You should be able to re-install the "upgrade" version onto a blank hard drive. All you would need is the install disk for WinME, to verify that you had a previous version.
  3. thnx for the reply guys.

    I tried to do what u told me,skip file until it was successful, but it didnt work. It wouldnt let me skip the file sometimes, and when it did, installation whould stop at another file. When it doesnt let me skip the file (it would just keep asking me either to skip or cancle the setup) a blue screen pops up either saying IRQL_IS_NOT_EQUAL_OR_LESS, MEMORY_MANAGEMENT, or a just the blue screen with no message.

    I have a reformated drive, a pc striped like it was new, and ME installed. When i made XP Pro do a compatibility check to my computer, a popup box appears telling me that a setup execution file on the cd is missing, therefore i cannot install winxp, But get this.

    I have an old compaq pc that was reformated like it was new and installed ME first. After that, i installed winXP with no problems at all. Why is XP able to install in my old PC and not my new PC?

    Help me out, please. why wont XP install in my new PC? Is it because the bios needs to be flashed? Does the registry not erase when i format the drive?

    specs for my new pc:
    Epox 8kha+
    maxtor 7200 40gb
  4. your registry definitely goes away when you reformat your HD. I would suggest flashing the bios and reformating/creating a new MBR. I have no idea if these will solve your problem, i rather doubt it, but its good to be thorough.

    You might also grab a copy of Norton's AV that can scan your system complete from a CD boot for viruses. You never know what you'll get from MS update.

    You might also try a friends XP CD (not his cd key- use your cd-key, just his cd) if you know anyone else around with the XP CD. (Never know when a CD will get corrupted, it sucks majorly.

    Also, i have no idea, and i dont want to know if you are...but if your using an illegal copy of xp or stolen cd key, Microsoft WILL [-peep-] up your pc over windows update. If your using such a copy, DO NOT UPDATE XP, just use it as it comes or you WILL get screwed over.

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  5. Quote:
    Microsoft WILL [-peep-] up your pc over windows update

    Is the rumor mill running overtime or what? Where did you hear this from?

    <font color=red>I'd like to dedicate this post to all my friends, family, and fans. Without them this post would never have been possible. Thank you!</font color=red>
  6. Dhluke:


    Just read. Flip on your news ticker, and wait for slashdot and cert to scroll across. Do a google search for "security windows" and start reading.

    There's all kinds of stuff.

    Specifically, if you are running IE with:

    1. Java
    2. Javascript
    3. Cookies
    4. Activex
    5. Help and Support service

    Then you are, specifically, asking a 12-year-old in Denmark to "HaXx0r y0ur 5h!t".

    It really, really sux. Especially if you like to frag some punk @$$ llamas on MoHAA, online...

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  7. Ok, ok, fine. :smile: I'll read up. It's just that I've had for over a year now without a single problem so I get surprised when I hear the sky is falling.

    I will read up.

    Nonetheless, of all the OS's is XP less secure? SP1 less secure than the original?

    <font color=red>I'd like to dedicate this post to all my friends, family, and fans. Without them this post would never have been possible. Thank you!</font color=red>
  8. look like a memory problem. had the same symptoms while ago and end up replacing one of my memory stick that was bad. So you can check that.

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
  9. <my $.02>

    Of all the msft OS's, yes; XP is just about the most "secure" there is.

    </my $.02>

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  10. ok, i updated my bios and it went pretty well, kind of. I was able to install ME, but when i tried to update it with XP, it didnt go. That little window that popped up before showed its face again. This time i copied it down what was missing in the cd.

    It told me that the file "txtsetup.sif" is missing from the cd, therefore can not install WinXP. Now I checked to see if this file was missing and it wasnt. That file is inside the 'I386' folder.

    Tell me what is up, please.
  11. The guys who think high tech may laugh at these but 20yrs of building and fixing computers makes me look for the simple things first. I have experienced these symptoms and found; 1. power supply was bad (one from the get go and one that went bad. 2.Actually had a case fan creating a circuit problem (pluged into MB)
    In any event its a hardware problem and the causes could be many. (including the previous post about memory)
    Hope this helps a bit. Good luck!
    Mr "G"

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  12. I had the same problem, all it took was to replace a bad stick of ram and the problem was solved!

    Computers remind me of Murphy's law:- whatever can go wrong, it's always associated with a computer!
  13. So the reason why WinXP tells me that the file "txtsetup.sif" is missing from the cd is because of a memory problem?

    Sounds wierd, but i will replace my 2 sticks of RAM.By the way, is there anyway i can check my sticks of RAM if it is bad of not? I have 2 128mb ddr memory sticks
  14. Try it with just one and then the other. Sometimes both sticks are fairly good, but together they aren't reliable enough to get through the install.

    Or if one works and the other doesn't you have your answer.
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