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I have a 7.1 receiver that I am using for a 5.1 system. I would like to hook up 1-2 speakers in another room. Can I do this and if so what terminals do I use?? Will the sbl/sbr posts work?? Can I hook up two sets of speakers off the same post. Will I need to put an inline off/on switch to turn those speaker off in the other room???
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  1. Well...if you want speakers playing in a different room, most receivers have an option called A/B speaker setup. On your receiver you can switch between speaker set A and B and can even play both. If your receiver is capable, just simply connect your 1 or 2 speakers into the speaker B set terminals and then when you want to use them, switch to your speaker set B option and enjoy.
  2. Thanks for the info but my receiver doesnt have that option. The speaker output leads are: Front L, Front R, surround backR/front height, surround backL/fron theight, (these are the ones that I thought I might be able to use) surround L, and R, center, and sub.
  3. Well yes, you can hook up multiple speakers to one channel. You can hook them up in parallel for lots of power, however the impedance or resistance (ohms) will decrease and you must be careful, because your amp/receiver must be designed to handle lower impedance and you must be careful not to fry your amp. You can also connect them in a series connection, which increases impedance, however you can connect more speakers. And lastly you can use a combination of the two connections and once you do that, your options for amazing sound enter new dimensions :)

    If you tell me the brand and model of your receiver and your speakers, I can help you much more, I'll most likley be able to tell you if it can handle what you want it to do and other details.
  4. Sorry I thought I had mentioned the brands...The receiver is a Samsung model HW-C700B and the speakers are Klipsch HD Theater 300.
    The posts on the back of the receiver are Front L & R, Center, Surround L & R, and SBL and SBR...hope this helps and again thanks
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    Well, samsung does not provide full detailed specifications on the receiver from what I saw...thanks a lot samsung. However I found specifications on another website

    ^This website says the amp can output at a 6ohm load. However, nothing I find provides its full specifications. I need to know how much it can output at 8ohm, 6ohm and 4ohm.

    On google and on samsung, I cannot find a good image of the back of the receiver, the images are to small and I can't zoom in. Please take a high resolution photo of the rear of your receiver, and upload it to the website so I can take a good look at the back as it might have pre-outs and other connections.

    Here is the thing, your speakers

    Are designed, just like almost every other normal speaker at a 8ohm resistance. However for some reason, the only specs I can find of your amp is its power output at a 6ohm resistance. I cannot know if it will handle 4ohm, as it might fry if it cannot handle it. Therefore you'll most likely have to wire your speakers in series for a higher resistance. This means the speakers get less power, but it will be safer.
  6. Thanks for the info...I might just get another amp to power the other speakers!!!
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  8. yamaha is good for running low ohm loads with out burning up
  9. ^depends on what the amp is rated for, and i actually prefer a number of companies to yamaha in terms of high quality amps, although they are still great.
  10. yamaha is the one for me i guess . onkyo USED to be a great company , i never have cared for sony . i guess different strokes for different folks
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