XP1700+ HSF question

Well, Socket A vs Socket 370, really.

Are most/all Socket a and Socket 370 HSF combinations cross compatible? That is, I have a PIII with a HSF that I want to use in an XP1700+ system (thereby saving myself money). Will it work? Will it cool adequately? I'm pretty sure the PIII HSF is the retail version that comes with.

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  1. Hsf units have a life expectancy of about 2 to 3 years, want to gamble a new chip on an old hsf?
  2. err... what?

    As far as I know, aluminium is aluminium, and while fans do burn out, ANY DECENT [-peep-] modern processor or mobo will shut the computer down before the CPU fries.

    Geeze... you're acting like I trying to overclock without using a fan...

    But my question still isn't answered. I don't need any value jugdements, just a response as to whether my PIII can adequately cool my XP1700+

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  3. Oh, and it's a 1.2ghz Celeron version, so its really not that old.

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  4. A PIII/Celeron put out a max of about 35w of heat. An XP puts out 60-80w of heat. You do the math. Most XP (Thoroughbred B) processors require a copper core HS due to the small core size and relatively high thermal output.

    Dichromatic for your viewing plesure...
  5. ooo...

    the tualatin celerons have small heatsinks...probably not enough for an athlon...

    it will fit though...but wont cool well enough...

    just get a retail cpu that comes with a hsf

    I will also add a socket 370/A heatsink is also compatable with a socket 7 cpu...so you could put an slk900 on a k6...muhawhawhaw!

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  6. Well, I installed it and it's running quite stable at 44C. Even when I played UT2003 for 30 minutes it was fine. It jumped up to 47C, but even that's within margins.

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