ASUS G73 to Sony KDL-26L5000

I am about to order an ASUS g73Hj-A1 and I want to hook it up to my TV. The laptop is rated 1080i but my TV (1 year old Sony 26" LCD) is only 720i. The TV has VGA in and the laptop has VGA out. If I hook it up via VGA cable will I run into any issues? Also will I have to run the laptop at less than native resolution? Thanks in advance, Josea
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    If you use a vga cord, I believe that the highest resolution you'll get is 480p. Does the laptop have an HDMI out port and does your TV have an HDMI in port? If so, spend a few bucks on an HDMI cable and you'll be good to go.
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  3. Thanks a lot, the answer to both questions is yes. I really appreciate the quick response.
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